Thursday, February 4, 2021

Monthly Message - Presidential Elections

Monthly Channeling, Copyright © Dianne Robbins 
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Critical Mass

Today it is calm in the Hollow Earth, as it is on all days, except for this special day of Sunday, as we wait for you to take our dictation. On these Sundays, there is a special breeze in the air, a breeze of anticipation as we connect with you again. It is as if the whole Hollow Earth stirs, knowing that it is time for us to deliver our dictation to you.
It is a knowingness that pervades our air and we are all aware of it. So here you sit, with all our energies surrounding you, as you take our dictations. Our whole library knows of these Sunday channelings, and everyone sends their love to you. You are so surrounded by our love. Our hearts are connected to yours, and we are ready to begin.

Greetings from the Library of Porthologos. Today the flowers are in mighty blooms of reds and purples, and their scents are wafting through our nostrils with the most delicious of fragrances. We pass these fragrances on to you, and hope you can capture their scents as you sit above us at your computer. We bring you good tidings and blessings of love from all the people in the Hollow Earth. More and more of us here below, are connecting with more and more of you above. It is indeed a wondrous time, in which all the prophecies are about to be fulfilled in this seventh golden age on earth. All of humanity are desiring peace, and people are waking up now by the thousands. There are now over 55 million surface humans awakening to who they are, with this critical mass achieved, we are now assured of the 10,000 years of peace. It is also this critical mass that allows the Ascended Masters to visibly and physically walk the Earth surface, to openly teach the Universal Laws. So there are great changes ahead, and the changes all point to peace.

We in the Hollow Earth are pleased beyond anything we can express. For all these humans awakening, points to our soon being able to emerge from our homes beneath the earth, and physically join with the Lightworkers on the surface, where we too, will be teaching humanity the Universal Laws of life. All life on Earth is preparing to ascend, and help is coming from planets and star systems which you don't even know exist. When people start questioning, and asking themselves the universal question of "who am I", then it is a sign of awakening, a sign that their soul is longing to know, longing to remember again. And once this question is asked, even though it is just a whisper, this gives the Ascended Host the opportunity to step in directly and begin teaching on a conscious level. But until people ask this profound question, we cannot directly help them. And once this question is asked, the whole universe jumps in to respond, and this person is added to the "list" of awakening ones.

Know that we in the Hollow Earth know everything that transpires on the surface. We know the results of your presidential elections, and we are amazed at how the American people were so easily deceived and lied to, and how little they questioned the election process.

Our love for surface humanity goes deep, and we wish we could be on the surface now, giving our love and support to those lightworkers who are in need of us. For down here, we don't ever work or live alone, we always have our circle of friends, or groups, that we work with. These groups are our main support systems, and we work and travel together. This is what is lacking on the surface. Your families are all splintered and separated, and you have lost your group support system, which is crucial to life. Imagine the joy and fun of working on projects together, and receiving constant support?

Our love to you pours forth from the center of the Earth, and spirals into your heart in blazing colors of the rainbow. As you sit at your computer, you can feel these heightened sensations of contact, just as we can feel yours. It's this stepping up in vibration that happens whenever we connect in consciousness. It is our dream to someday be sitting right here in this room next to you, planning our workshops and talks to the populace. The best way to reach people is by working together, and we look forward to working with you as soon as we are on the surface.

I Am Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos

Copyright © Dianne Robbins 

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I am Dianne Robbins, and I am a Voice for the Ascended Master Adama, High Priest of the Subterranean City of Telos, located inside the Mountain of Mt. Shasta in California, and for Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos inside the Hollow Earth.  I am also a Voice for the Tree, Cetacean, Crystal and Elemental Kingdoms.
My mission is to re-unite all of Earth's people through my books, and to bring about the merging of all civilizations from within the Center of the Earth, Subterranean Cities and Surface populations. 
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I am a full-time student of the Ascended Master Teachings through the Radiant Rose Academy.

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