Friday, September 14, 2018

Monthly Message: Your Unending Wars Against Nature

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Your Unending Wars Against Nature

We are the Tree People, decked out in our Sunday best of greenery, standing tall and firm in the ground. Although there is much smoke surrounding us here in the state of California, we see through the smoke and it doesn't cloud our vision as it clouds yours. We know you cannot see the Mountain from your house or city of Mt. Shasta, but we Trees that surround you can see it.
As you connect more and more to us, you connect more and more to yourself. Connection is the key, and from connecting to us, realms of possibilities open up, taking you into dimensions undreamed of. You connect to us through your heart, and when you do, we immediately feel it and resonate back to you our love, thus completing the circle.

All our lives we've waited for you to acknowledge us, and now it is happening. Our lives are very long compared to yours. We live hundreds and thousands of years if not interfered with, and we remember all that occurs throughout our life. We remember every experience and every passer-by. Our memories are intact, and we never lose them. We communicate with all of Nature, especially the birds who live in our branches and make their homes in our leaves. We are a resting place for them, a place where they can congregate safely and raise their young. Our Trees are home to many species, and most could not live without our presence. We are more than you can conceive. Our lives are so intertwined with all life, that without us, there would be nothing—just barren landscapes devoid of movement like Mars. Every one of us that you cut down brings you closer and closer to the barrenness of Mars.

Your lives are now filled with the lushness of our growth and landscape of our flowers, bushes, and stately forms towering above you. As you look at the horizon and over your fields you see only green, interspersed with the colors of flowers, songs of birds, and sounds of the streams. Soon these will all disappear, if you don't wake up now to our existence as Sentient Beings and the need for you to care for and preserve our domains.

We cannot live under these conditions of warfare, where every moment we wonder if we are going to be the next casualty in your unending wars against yourselves and against Nature. We never asked to be part of your wars, yet we have been maimed and killed just like humans. Most humans never asked to be part of your wars either; they were just drawn into them by dint of their geographical location. But soon, there won't be enough space for all of us to live on, if so much of the land is destroyed and marred by droughts and erosion. Even though there isn't a military battle on your land, there is still a battle being fought by the dark forces to deplete your land of nutrients so that your crops don't grow and you can't breathe.
The chemtrails are taking care of this, and instead of military forces bombing your land, the chemtrails are bombing you. These chemtrails are more obscure, and most of you don't recognize them as the culprits killing your land and people, because you don't see them. But they are just as real as the military sending soldiers to wreak havoc on your land. There is no difference. The only difference is, one you can see and recognize, and the other you don't see, or refuse to recognize. But the results are the same…the depletion and insidious destruction of your land, so that you can no longer grow your crops on it, and you have to move off your farms. The same applies to the Tree Farms. We are being sprayed with chemtrails too, against the wishes of the farmers. All the organic crops are being sprayed from above, and this is making all of us ill, and all of the crops are becoming unhealthy to eat.

All of Earth is becoming barren and desolate, and soon will look like Mars. Mars used to be lush and green, with raging rivers, oceans, and streams before their technology destroyed them. This is what is happening to you.  You are replaying Mars. People, you must rise up and protest this travesty on your homeland and not allow it to continue. Come together and bring your group consciousness into focus and see the Earth covered in green, with clean, clear bodies of water and clean, clear air and bright blue skies where you can see forever.
We Trees are grand indeed, and we know that you are grand Beings also. Only you don't know it, and this is the problem. If you could only see the grandness that each of you are, you would see it in everything and honor everything as a result. So first you must see yourself in all your grandness, and then see all of Nature in the same way. See the Earth as the grand Being that she is, perfect in form with all her life forms lit up, reflecting the Creator in their souls. For the Creator is part of all our souls, from the tiny microbe to the largest Tree. The size does not matter because the substance is the same—God consciousness exists in us all, except for humans who see only themselves as superior to us all, rather than seeing the God in us all. Before you can see the God in us all, you have to see and acknowledge the God in yourself; then you will know that all of existence is the Creator in form. This is how the Creator expresses itself—in myriad forms on myriad planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes.

You are not unique here on Earth, you just think you are because your vision is so limited and your thoughts so confined to your daily struggle of existence. So take some time off from your struggles and give them a "coffee break", and go into the Nature spots in your area and walk among the Trees, but don't step on the flowers—only admire and bless them. Dip your feet into the streams and bask in the sun and lie on the ground, feeling Mother Nature embrace and caress your weary souls—souls who have been traveling lifetime after lifetime in search of enlightenment and completion of your karmic path.

You can speed up your journey into Light by connecting with us on a soul level, so all our souls can make this journey together in hyper-time, and not at the snail's pace that you have been traveling by trying to do it alone. We are all here together because we are all meant to work together in our common goal of ascending together. But how can we all ascend together if you don't even recognize us as your brothers and sisters who live in different life forms?

Someday you will all be awakened and find yourselves where your beliefs have taken you. Some will have ascended, and some will remain on a 3rd dimensional sphere, still trying to wake up to who they are. So wake up now—why wait any longer? All together we can ascend now. Remember, there is no time—so why delay it? It can all be done right now—ascension in any moment can occur when enough humans align with all of the Nature Kingdom. It is that easy. And all of Nature is ready, including the Elemental Kingdom who watches over you and your bodies, even though you are as yet unaware of them and the great part they play in your evolution. Your Body Elemental is waiting for you to acknowledge it and work with it so that you can be the co-creators you came here to be. This is another part of yourself you have yet to become aware of that all the rest of Nature is already consciously working with in a partnership.

My, how you humans have isolated yourselves into individual Beings separated from the rest of life! The human species represents but a tiny speck in all of Creation.  You see yourself as the only life form and only intelligent species on the only planet among billions of Universes. How narrow is your perception! As you expand your perception, your vision expands, and you begin to see all of existence in its myriad forms. It is all about "seeing".  Not through your physical eyes, but your inner eyes, where you bring the unseen worlds into yourself, where all of existence lies. It is all within you, not outside you. But if you go outside into Nature, you will find us all within you. And when you find us within, you can out-picture us and meld with our essence. This melding will give you the added strength and clarity that will open your eyes to the Universe that lies within you. This we, the Nature Kingdom, offer you. It is the only way you will survive. Good day.
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