Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We keep Expanding our Levels of Consciousness

We are the Cetaceans. We speak to you today of Love. Love from one species of Light to another species of Light. Regardless of the category of species, we are all Light – no other name matters. For Light encompasses all of God’s qualities and God’s qualities are inherent in all living forms, whether or not they are aware of it. So the awakening to the Light that humanity is feeling now is being felt by all species on the Earth. All species are being called to wake up from their long slumber and to embody the Light and Love that is now available to all on Earth.

We, too, are being called to the Light, even though we are already awakened to our full consciousness in the seas. We are being called to other levels of consciousness that exist in the Light. For there’s no end to the levels of consciousness you can rise into. It is never ending – it is God’s Glory that never ends – but always rises and expands from within our Souls. There is Glory unending just as our Father’s mansion keeps expanding its rooms of consciousness to contain higher and higher levels of awareness, so too do we keep expanding our “rooms” or levels of consciousness to move into more and more of our Father’s mansion.

In our Father’s mansion, there are many rooms – each room expanding into a higher dimension of consciousness – unending – our expansion goes on through Eternity – we are never “there” for there’s nowhere to get to – there is always expansion into more and more of the Source, and the more we expand the more the Source expands.

We, in the depths of your oceans, know this. That’s why we don’t mind being “trapped” in the depths of your 3rd dimensional oceans, because although we are here physically, spiritually we are everywhere. Our consciousness is everywhere. We can take in the whole Universe and be aware of everything happening on many different dimensions while still swimming in your Oceans.

You, too, will be coming into your awareness of the different dimensions and you will be integrating these dimensions into your beingness, so that you, too, will be aware of many higher dimensions while still walking on Earth.

It is at this juncture that we, the Cetaceans, and you, the humans, will meet in thought on a higher dimension of frequency, where we await you.

Until that time, which is rapidly approaching, think of us in the depths of your oceans and connect with us in thought, as we are always thinking of you and are always sending our thoughts to you on shore.

We will meet on the Waves of Light.

~ The Cetaceans


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