Friday, April 24, 2009

Message From Telos: We have 12 strands of DNA

We have 12 strands of DNA

Greetings from Telos!

Adama is here, telepathically speaking to you from the underground city of Telos.

We are all joined together on this day, delivering our message as ONE. ONE voice from the depths of Telos. Actually, we are not that deep underground. Inside the huge cavern in Mount Shasta we are on the same ground level as you on the surface are. It is only when we go beneath ground to the other levels of Telos that we are “underground” – and our lower lands are only about 1-2 miles deep.

Our life in Telos is very similar to the surface. We all have jobs, although our jobs are without wages. We all take turns doing whatever needs to be done, and we learn many trades in our long Life Times. Our skills are many, because we’ve lived long years to develop them. The longer you live, the more skills you develop. We are all eager learners, and learn as much as we can about everything. We have been given the great opportunity of this underground setting to live and learn in, and we take advantage of it all. We learn as much as we can before we go on to new areas to develop new skills.

Yes, we have all 12 strands of our DNA and we use all of them. That’s how we’ve kept intact all our technology and information from the past through all these eons of time. We never lost our wisdom or knowledge through all these thousands of years – in fact, we’ve gained more as time passed.

Having all 12 strands of DNA is definitely an advantage to evolving.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weekly Message from Mikos in the Hollow Earth

The Secret to Immortality is Simple

Greetings, it is Mikos, residing in the Hollow Earth, in the City of Catharia, way down below the Aegean Sea off Greece’s mainland. This is the focal point of our abode, and where you can physically find me, if you could physically go down to the depths of the Ocean and then continue about 800 miles deep. Here we reside in peace and comfort and abundance and great wealth of health and body and spirit. For living so deep inside the Earth has given us all we could ever dream of including our Immortality.

Living in peace is the secret to gaining Immortality, and we invite you to try it. You would enjoy it. No clamor, no wars, no hardships, just pure delight and joy in each moment of each day – and it lasts forever. How blessed we are to have discovered this secret, for this is the secret of life. It is so simple once discovered.

Just live in peace with one another and you have everything you could ever dream of, including your being with us. Yes, we can meet physically with you when there is peace on Earth’s surface, but not before. So strive to live peacefully with each other, and start with your biological family, and then spread your love out to your community and then to your nation and then to the whole Earth, and then assuredly we will magically appear before you, in our physical forms of radiance. Yes, our cells radiate our Light and it is very visible to the eyes. Once you are living in a peaceful state on the surface, you too will be radiating this Light from within your cells, and this light will encompass all around you and you will Light up the surface for all to witness.

And then there will form a great conclave of Beings from other dimensions and other star systems who will celebrate your climb into Light, and you will be formally accepted into the Confederation of Planets once again, for regaining your Light Status. What a moment in time! You will achieve this, this we know. But why take so long? Do it now. It can happen in the twinkling of an eye, since time does not exist. Just make up your minds that you intend to live in peace, and it shall be, and the whole Universe will support your intention. It is not a mystery…it is your intention. It is simple, isn’t it? It is only your governments who have purposely made it so complicated by devising wars to entangle and control you. For they know that in peaceful conditions you would rise in consciousness and find your Self, and merge with your Higher Self, thus gaining your Immortality. And this would put them out of business, and they would lose their hold on you and would have to leave the Earth plane enmasse. So let them leave!

You do this by being the peace you wish to create and spreading it out to all around you. Could it be more simple? As you rise in consciousness, you will find that most mysteries in life have simple solutions. Whatever you want to achieve, just ‘be’ that achievement and it will effortlessly come to you because you are already radiating that frequency of what you want to attain so it has to come to you once you have identified with it ‘as you’. It has nowhere else to go but to you – it’s vibration then matches yours. Simple? Yes!

So you have to become actresses and actors, don’t you? You have to play and live the part you want to create in your role on the screen of your life – and it is your life and you are the actors, so play your part well and your dreams will all come true. It is only up to you. No one can fill in for you to play your part on the screen of life, only you can.

So dream your life away…it is the quickest route to Immortality. We await you there. I am Mikos, good day.

And now Rosalia, your sister from Telos is here, bidding you a good day. I am encased inside the Earth, where all is cozy and all is warm. We don’t have the fluctuating weather factors here that you have on the surface, because we live in a state of Immortality, and in Immortality all is perfection. So this is the aim of humanity – to reach this state of Immortality where all problems become instantly solved – voila – nothing to ever complain about again. It is magic, pure and simple. So we invite you to peacefully gain your Immortality, because it is only through peace that it can be gained. We have proven this during our past 12,000 years of living in Telos.