Friday, May 1, 2020

Monthly Message - Cures for Pollution and Diseases

Monthly Channeling, Copyright © Dianne Robbins 
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The Cure For All Diseases Already Exists

Today is a celebration for Us in the Hollow Earth. We are celebrating our climb into Light, for we've reached a demarcation, a certain level of growth that we have been working toward for some time now. It's a whole new way of looking at life; it's reaching another step on the ladder of evolution and it's an exciting time for us as we embark on experiencing this whole new perspective on life. Each level we reach is an eye-opener, and we wonder how we couldn't have seen this before. This is similar to your eye-openers on the surface, as it is the way all life evolves. More and more of the "unseen" becomes the "seen".
This is now happening to you also on the surface. More and more is being
revealed to you on your newscasts and newspaper. This is an exciting
time for you, too, for that which is being revealed has already been
known for decades, but kept hidden from the public. With all the light
reaching the Earth, the secrets are being exposed because Light exposes
everything. It is only darkness that "covers up". You are in for the
"ride of your life", as everything that has been kept from you will
suddenly come out in the media. What a "shake up" will soon occur.
The medical groups, corporations, and governments that have been
covering up the cures to diseases and then spending billions of your tax
dollars to "find" cures, will be exposed. These groups caused the
diseases in the first place, and could have easily stopped them years
ago. Instead, they've used disease as a profit generator—a way to make
billions of dollars at the expense of a suffering humanity. All the
diseases have been caused by corporations and governments polluting your
air, water, and food with chemicals, herbicides, pesticides,
fertilizers, biological germs, and you name it, along with destroying
the rainforests and Cetaceans. All they have to do is stop this
pollution to rid the Earth of its effects. But it's their greed, at the
expense of humanity and Earth that has prevailed. For they will all be
exposed for exactly who they are: profiteers in the worse sense, whose
goal has been to rape and destroy a planet and its people.
We have no diseases in the Hollow Earth because we grow everything
organically, and know and revere the connection between our Earth and
our lives. We know we are part of the Earth and whatever we do to her we
do to ourselves. As more and more of humanity reconnect themselves to
Nature, they will understand how to eliminate all diseases and
destruction on Earth.

Once Your Pollution Is Cleared Up Your Diseases Will Vanish
We have the answers to all your pollution problems that your greedy politicians and secret governments have created. And once we have surfaced, we will put our technologies into operation to solve all your pollution problems and all your health problems.
Once your pollution is cleared up, your diseases will vanish. For your diseases are only caused by you polluting your air, water, and foods. It's so simple, if you would but grasp the truth of it.
Here in the Hollow Earth, we never pollute anything, as this word does not even exist for us. We live in complete harmony with our surroundings and our people know that we are all a part of each other. We would never do anything to harm one another, nor would the thought ever cross our minds. We feel only love for each other, and love for our surroundings and love for our Mother Earth. It is this love component that you are missing on the surface. You've put everything before love, and lost your sight and lost your way. It is now time to return love back into your lives, and it will solve all your surface problems in the quick of a wink.
This is what the Light does. It opens your eyes and reconnects you  to the Source of all Creation, so you can again live your lives in peace and plenty and perfect health.
We follow your thoughts from below, and send our love to intercept your thoughts from above, hoping to gently guide you into a state of pure love in your thinking process. For when your thoughts become the beacons of pure love radiating out from you, you will bring the peace and harmony to your surface civilizations that you all desire so much. 
So join us in consciousness, as we gently lead you to Nirvana, where you will dwell with us at last.

I am Mikos, radiating my love to you all the time. Bon Jour, my
traveling companions above.

You Are the Knower of All
You are the knower of ALL, You are the receiver of ALL
You are the ONE component necessary for ALL to exist
Your existence is the primary factor for the existence of the Universe
Without you, each and every one of you, there could be no life
You are all an integral part in the design and not one of you is
Know how important you are
Know how necessary you each are
for without each one of you, there is nothing

Your existence makes up the substance of ALL THAT IS
You are each the necessary ingredient that makes the Universe work with
Copyright © Dianne Robbins 

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Love and Blessings
~ Dianne
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