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April Channeling - Mikey: A Right Whale

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We Whales Patrol the Shorelines

Mikey is here. I am swimming in the murky waters off Delaware, looking for my morning breakfast of shrimp and herring and cod. There isn't too much life close to the coast, as we can't breathe near the shore.
As a rule, we all stay as far from shore as possible, so as not to get entangled in fishing lines and tuna nets. However, the smaller fish swarm toward the shore, as they like to rest in the nooks and crannies jutting out from the coastline. We Whales patrol the shoreline and often come in close for a better view. But as for our breakfast, the fish farther out in the Ocean are healthier to eat. So we will wait awhile for breakfast, then swim out farther.

Life in the Oceans is busy these days — as our home is being invaded by people, ships, and underwater experiments. We've no privacy left anymore, and must separate ourselves to survive. The farther apart we stay from each other, the safer it is, as we're less likely to be seen or noticed from a distance if there's only one of us.

So after my breakfast, I'll return for patrol duty along the northeast coast, where I radio back information to the Galactic Command in response to the inquiries regarding matters of environmental concerns and safety.

The early morning hours are the most precious and invigorating for us, as the Life Force is flowing freely through to the Earth, unencumbered by humanity's thought-waves and concerns. The heaviness of your thoughts and cares weighs down and deadens the Life Force until it is only a trickle, barely enough to sustain Life, which is why humans die so young and are so weak — they shut out the Life Force necessary to sustain them.

So, everything is working against you, and you have created it all yourself. You have blocked yourself off from receiving the Life sustaining forces from the Universe. You, yourselves, have shortened your life spans to mere decades instead of centuries — all through your thoughts, rape of the land, and lack of reverence for Life.

You all came to Earth to care for her and flourish, but instead you end your life by destroying her and yourself at an early age. You got lost on your incarnational journey, and can't get back through the mire and decay of your errant lifestyles and distorted thoughts. So you flounder through your lives until they unglamorously end in pain and sorrow and regret.

This time there will be no repeat performance, as humanity is off the wheel of Karma and back on the spiral of evolution. So you either have to want to evolve or will be returned to another third dimensional planet for a repeat performance. The choice is yours. But one thing is certain, and that is that Life goes on — with or without Earth humans.

So spend your day in communion with us — listen to the waves roll into your heart and feel our presence surrounding you and our love caressing your skin. Maintain conscious contact with us and we will guide you safely through Earth's passage to the stars.

I am Mikey — ever vigilant, patrolling your shores.

Why Do You Trespass on Our Property?

I am Mikey swimming out at Sea — FREE — in the mid to southern Atlantic Ocean, where all is in green and with blue sky surrounding our domain. Our domain is our property zone, just as your domain is the landforms surrounded by the Oceans.

The Oceans are our home and the land is yours. So why do you trespass on our property? The Earth is large enough for all forms of life to have their own habitats without infringing on the others. When you move into another specie's habitat, you destroy the environment that is crucial for that life form to survive and live in a balanced existence. You upset nature and unbalance the ecology, so that neither the encroached upon nor the encroacher benefits.

The Earth was perfectly balanced until mankind lost their connection with Source. All was in abundance and peace and harmony until mankind "thought" that the Earth was theirs to own and mine and strip and rape and pillage and kill and mutilate for their own amusement and greed.

It takes a planet billions and trillions of years to develop Earth's environment into a perfect home that provides everything that everyone could possibly need and want for all species, and yet mankind goes on its blind way, killing and mutilating all in its path and making excuses and giving reasons to justify its destruction of the Earth — as if anything could justify the killing of a planet.

We in the Oceans have reached our limit of tolerance after all these thousands of years of torture and torment to our families and friends. We use the term "mankind" here, because it has been the male energy of aggression that has been primarily responsible for Earth's destruction and imbalance. All life forms have been in balance and working toward balancing and rebalancing Earth in the wake of humanity's desolation.
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