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Springtime in the Oceans - June Monthly Channeling

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All Species are a part of our biosphere ~ when we lose a species, we lose that part of our biosphere.  The Humpback Whales singing supports our biosphere.  And when we listen to their songs, our bodies are vibrationally attuned.

Springtime in the Oceans
This is our Birthing Time
We are the Cetaceans, and we broadcast to you from the depths of the oceans, as the waves lap onto the shores, carrying our energies with them to distribute our love vibrations on land.

We are grouping together at this time, forming large pods to protect our young when they are born. This is a crucial time of year for us, for it is our birthing time when our young need our love and our protection. So we will stay together for as long as we need to, until our young are strong and able-bodied swimmers, able to out-distance predators and whaling ships.

This day it is very cold, and we huddle together for warmth and comfort. We squeeze ourselves together, trying to establish a barrier around us where the cold won't penetrate the middle of our circle. In the middle of our pod, we keep the young ones protected from the cold and from predators. This is the ritual we use on cold days. When it's warmer, we lazily bask in the sun, still keeping our youngsters in the center of our pod.

We are very family oriented, and the focus of all our activities is keeping our families safe and together.  Although we sometimes have to make long journeys around the world, we are able to maintain constant contact with our loved ones that we've left behind. We do this through our sonar, and we stay connected through our consciousness.

We are carefree mammals, always choosing play when time permits. We love our families, and our "home" life is very precious to us. We all work together as a family unit, supplying all we need for our young. You, too, have this same relationship to your young on land. Your family comes together to provide the necessities and provisions that your children will need when they are born.

The weather patterns are changing drastically on land, which, of course, affects our lives in the seas. We try to compensate for these changes in weather conditions and fluctuations in water temperature, but sometimes even we have difficulties.

You must realize that all species have similar expectations for their young, no matter what their form is.  For there is the basic ingredient for all life — love, nurturing, sustenance and protection. We, too, supply these to our young, just as you do on land.

Our ways may be different, but our hearts are the same, no matter who we are or where we're born on this planet.  We have the same needs and desires and hopes and dreams as you, only we're in a position to satisfy our longings and strivings because we attained full consciousness eons ago. You, too, will fulfill your hearts' desires when you come into your full consciousness as Earth climbs out of her third dimensional density and wears her gown of Light.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins 

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