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May 2011: Your Communication with Us Speeds Up Our Emergence

Your Communication with Us Speeds Up Our Emergence

Adama is here. Greetings from Telos! We stand next to you as you take our dictation. We have astral projected to your room where you are telepathically receiving our words.

There are more than one of us here with you, and yet you are receiving our thoughts through our One Group Mind. We broadcast our thoughts out to you where you receive them in the form of words and pictures. We love this form of communication, and we eagerly seek more from our brothers and sisters on the surface. We would like to be in communication with all Lightworkers on the surface. This would speed up our emergence to the surface and bring us closer to you in “space” – for what you can hear, you can identify with, and what you identify with brings unification. It’s our UNITY that will bring us into our ascension and it’s UNITY that will propel us into the photon belt. This mass propulsion generates the energy to carry us all through. We are all doing this as ONE – one unified Being of Earth Consciousness connected with human consciousness to All Consciousness and all life forms.

So, travel with us, as we bring our consciousnesses closer and closer together, until we meet on the surface as One Consciousness preparing for the ascension of ALL.

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May, 2011

Dianne Robbins - TELOS

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