Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gathering on top of Mt. Shasta, July 2010

(Adama dictated the following message for the students of the Radiant Rose Academy who gathered on top of Mt. Shasta after a weekend of transmissions from Akasha and Asun, who are Ascended ArchAngels bringing the Divine Feminine Rose Pink Ray to Earth. They bring us the Ascended Master Teachings that were once taught in the Himalayan Mystery Schools, preparing us for our Resurrection. Here is Adama's message that I read to the gathering on top of Mt. Shasta. ~ Dianne)

I am Adama. Greetings from Telos, the city beneath your feet.

We are here, and we are honored to give you a message for Akasha and Asun’s students who are assembled on Ascension Rock, one of our favorite meeting places where many of our Council Meetings convene.

Beneath this space and beneath these boulders that you touch, lie one of our Temples where we sit and discuss the many topics of import related to Earth’s ascension and to our emergence to the surface. When you come here and sit quietly, we often pull you into our meetings, and you become one of our members representing the surface folk and your input is most valuable. It is at these times that we truly merge as One Voice representing the population of Earth – our voice from Below, and yours from Above. It is this merging of perceptions that help us form our plans for our forthcoming trek to the surface in the very, very near future.

This will be a monumental step on our part, and one that we have envisioned and planned for a very long time – and now the time is here. What joy is in our hearts to finally be able to put our plan into action, and make our way to the surface through our tunnel entrances that have always existed but had to be camouflaged to protect our domain from intruders. For after all, this is our home, and we don’t let just anyone in. Just as you would not open your door to strangers, we don’t open our tunnel entrances to anyone unless they have been invited. Our domain is our private dwelling place, just as your house is. And you keep your doors locked, don’t you? Well, so do we. Only you use a key to lock your door, and we use a force-field.

We know everyone who comes to the Mountain, and recognize your identity as soon as you start your climb. The Mountain herself, The Spirit of Shasta, picks up your vibration and knows who you are and exactly where you are, as you walk along her paths. Nothing is hidden from her. She hears your voices and records your thoughts and registers your movement. So talk to Her, She is always eager to converse with you.

The Earth changes are happening so fast now, shaking your people into wakefulness and compelling them to open their eyes to the devastation and extinction of sea life occurring in the Oceans and loss of species and habitats on land. This is the Great Awakening you have all heard of, and it is happening NOW, right now as you stand here on Ascension Rock, listening to this discourse coming from beneath the ground. For we stand here, as you stand above us, and we enfold you in our aura’s of Light and embrace you in our energy fields, and we are merged together now as One – One soul representing Earth’s diverse family.

What a blessing it is for us to have you all here, and to have Akasha and Asun’s presence here, along with their messengers Usa and Jayde. This is a grand assemblage indeed, and we in Telos are most honored to be joined with such Awakened Hearts…for in distance you are just a few feet above us, but in our heart space there is no distance between us. We are merged now as One Heart.

You are a bastion of Light standing above us, and your Light is magnified ten-fold as you are all gathered together in this sacred spot. You shine as a spotlight, as our light from below is focused into your light from above, and it is radiating out now and blessing all life on the planet. This is the force of the Light when we gather together as One. So gather together as much as you can, whether in your homes or outdoors, for this exponentially increases your light quotient in ways you cannot imagine, and spills out and blesses all those in your locality.

Soon our people will be emerging from our homes beneath the ground, and we will greet you in your homes and embrace you in our arms, and we will be together as one family, one beacon of light, broadcasting our unity out to the Universe at last.

We in Telos, are filled with gratitude for your presence here; the Trees bow to you in welcome, and the Mountain herself, the Spirit of Shasta, is deeply honored to have you all standing on her ground. What a day of celebration!

I Am Adama.

26 July 2010


  1. What a beautiful message. Many thanks. I long to return to Mt. Shasta again to the huge sacred tree El Tule (2 trunks coming from the ground together)and the big sacred rock with the hole in it. 2 times we have transmitted frequencies there and once a cordon of angels circled the great tree El Tule as activations were given to the earth and all those who dwell hereon about 15 years ago. Quetzecoatl's egg lies beneath the tree and was activated by a group of us. I look forward to meeting the great beings from the hidden city and ask them to come to Ohio to find me.
    In Christ Love and service

  2. Oh how my hear t sings... to finally h ear this... can anyone tell me if they are also receiving information from Uluru (Central Australia)... as the heart
    could it also be a portal to Inner Earth?
    one part of me is very logical and discerning...the other part of me is somehow participating in the picking up transmissions...
    i guess i am trying to hold it all together and am praying that all this is comes about because i think i will 'fall off the planet' if it doesn't....
    makes you wonder why we label people Bi polar when they are in two worlds of experience?
    Blessings and JOy for bringing the light,


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