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September 2011: Song From Mars

September, 2011

Song From Mars

So pick up your pen
While our words do flow
From our hearts above
To yours below

We come from the stars
We came from afar
To live on Earth
From the planet called Mars

We’re a group of souls
And our lineage is old
We’re here to tell you
That our planet is cold
It’s now of dust
But once was green
If your wars don’t cease
Your Earth will repeat

The mistakes we made
That laid our planet in waste
And made our souls
Leave in haste

We migrated to Earth
To start life anew
Our last chance
To see life through

To raise our young
In a climate of peace
Where our lives will show
We’ve learned wars must cease

For life to thrive
For life to grow
A climate of peace
You must sow

We look like you
We’re of the same form
But our souls vibrate
To a different norm

We came to Earth
To live and thrive
For without a planet
Our bodies would die

You need the Earth
You need a place to dwell
So why are you warring
And creating hell

You were given Earth
From the Gods above
To love and preserve
For the ones you love

So your species will evolve
To explore the stars
And not to become trapped
Like we were on Mars
So listen to our words
For our truth is known
This is your last chance
To make Earth your home

And not lay waste
To countries and land
So change your ways
And make a different plan

For all you need
Is given free
If you only had
The eyes to see

For the universe
Is full of life
It’s a place where all
Live without strife

It’s a mirror for you
If you could but see
How people can live
When all are free

We wait by the shores
We live underground
Our relics and history
Soon will be found

To show we are here
To show that we wait
For all on Earth
Will share the same fate

Whether people or trees
Or animals or rocks
The choices you make
Will create the same shock

War or peace
Which will it be
The shock of death
Or life eternally

We ask you to choose
We make a plea for peace
We’ve waited so long
And now want our release
It’s time for yours too
To move on in life
And not to repeat
The wars and strife

A new Earth is waiting
It’s heralded by all
So reach to the stars
And heed our call

We’re friends from the past
And know you can grasp
All the above
For it’s said with love

© Copyright Dianne Robbins
September, 2011

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