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December 5, 2011: We Hold the Crystalline Matrix of your Universe

December 5, 2011

"We Hold the Crystalline Matrix of your Universe

Greetings our dear sister on Earth. We are the Crystal People here again with you as you sit at your computer taking our dictation. We are very close to you, as close as your life vein pulsing blood into your system. We breathe with you, we pulse our heartbeat with you, and we sing our Song of the Ages to you. Our song is Love…and its melody permeates your cells as we merge into you now. Our merging is complete – and we operate as One.

Crystals are unique in character, as their Light is so bright that your eyes could be blinded could you look into our depths. In our depths holds the crystalline matrix of your universe, unraveled in its complexity and structure. It is your guide to everywhere, could you but read its map. Your body is also a map, with life codes embedded in your DNA strands. Your body has a blueprint that can replicate itself into perfection, were it not tampered with, and were it not for the stress and fear you have all brought into it. For stress and fear only deteriorates its precise mechanisms, and keeps you from attaining your immortality.

We Crystals do not hold stress or fear. Actually, it is entirely unknown to us, for our Light Quotient is so high that we only experience Divine Love. When you only focus on your Divinity, there can be no room for any other feeling or thought to exist, and that is when your heart opens to your I AM Presence and you feel the joy of union and completeness.

So it is all in your thoughts and focus that you can move yourself into your Divinity. For your thoughts will carry you to wherever you direct them. So direct them to your God Self, and feel them uniting you to All That Is: your Inner Light in your heart that is waiting for you to acknowledge its Presence. Stay in your heart space, and feel only the JOY of life, only the LOVE of the Creator, only the PURITY of your I AM Presence and beckon them in. Stay with the Music of the Spheres, and it will re-calibrate your cells to the Music of Home. Home is in the heart – and you already know this.
So you find your way back Home through your Heart. It is the quickest route to the Ascension, and we await you there. We are already stationed in your heart and we wait for your call to accompany you on your trip back to Unity Consciousness. We will carry you along with us, if you only acknowledge our existence as fellow travelers on the road through Eternity.

As you hold and caress us in your hands, we re-calibrate your life pulse, so that you can beat with the rest of life on Earth, and merge with us in the One Beat of Creation, all vibrating at the same frequency. This is the quickest way for all of us to ascend. For our ascension is not complete without your accompaniment. All of creation travels together. We not only need one another, but we are one another. So once you wake up to our existence and to the fact that we have been trying to contact you for millennium, we can begin our merging of consciousness and move up to a higher octave of existence. We wait for your call.

Once you merge with us, you will quickly discover how to use and harness our Light and Energy to convert your antiquated fossil fuel system into Free Energy for everyone on the planet. This will be a big step for mankind. For the patriarchal system of control and corruption will be out of business and the Divine Feminine will flow through your veins bringing you all that is your birthright. And it is all free.

Earth has provided all you could ever conceive of, and gives it freely. You just have to open to its existence, and allow and accept it to flow to you, unimpeded by doubt or fear. This is why it is so important to rein in your thoughts and stay only in the Love Vibration. For Love will bring you to the treasures that Earth has been storing for you. There is a treasure chest just waiting for you to open, and you open it with your Heart ~ just let it all burst free.

Hold us, talk to us, and we will be your guides taking you into the Light where we already reside. Join us.

We are the Crystal People."

© Copyright Dianne Robbins
December, 2011

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