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February 2011: Message from Adama

"Greetings from the Subterranean City of Telos. I am Adama and so pleased to share this time with you today. We come bearing the fruits of wisdom and bringing you the elixir of life as you join your hearts with mine. I am an Ascended Master residing in Telos, and wish to connect to the hearts of all our loved ones who came from Lemuria and are now residing on the surface. The conditions on Earth are very different now, and you have made great strides in lifting the consciousness of yourselves and humanity during your lifetime. It is time now for all to rejoice, for the moment of our emerging from our cities underground is about to occur. There is less than a year left to 2012, and by that time our meeting face to face will have occurred for all those lightservers who have yearned for our presence. We are joyous beyond joy knowing that at last the reality of our meeting is cemented into an actual 3d time frame.
Mt. Shasta hosts a city of Light above our Mountain, that soon will become visible to your eyes as you expand your consciousness and periphery of vision as the Creator's energy continues to pour into your dimensional realm.

Just open to receive all that is coming to you in quantum waves of Light and Sound, pouring forth from the heaven worlds to bring you the bliss you have all been yearning for.

For bliss is the key to enlightenment. When you are in bliss, then you are in an expanded and heightened state of being, and can access more of "all that is", right here from the physical location where you are.

We are here to serve you, and to encourage you to reach to us in your expanded state and we will reach back to you, creating a union of hearts that you will feel as assuredly as if we were touching you.

Know that our time to meet is at hand. We will come to you. You don't have to go anywhere. We will reach out to you, and you will find us suddenly standing before you. It will seem magic to you, and very real as indeed it is. Actually, we are standing right before you now, only your eyes cannot yet quite fathom our appearance. Just a few more notches up in your level of vibration and we will be there for your eyes to see. For in actuality, we are always standing here before you. We can see you clearly, and soon your eyes will be able to hone in and see us clearly, as if you are looking through a telescope.

We look forward to this day with great anticipation - and it is now speeding toward you. So catch the wave and be prepared to meet us face to face, as we embrace in joyous reunion. We are your lost brothers and sisters, who you have been yearning for. Lost only to your sight.

I AM Adama"

Copyright Protected ©, all rights reserved, Dianne Robbins February 11, 2011

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