Tuesday, September 14, 2010


August 2010

Yes, we were listening to your call. The massive oil spill was purposely perpetuated to destroy the Cetacean Species who inhabit the Oceans.

We are carrying the Light, and the dark want to eliminate as much of the Light that they can in order to control the Earth. We are in their way. We are holding the balance, and without our Light the scales would tip, giving the darkness full advantage and control. There are many other factors also involved, such as creating fear and starving people of their livelihoods by destroying the ecosystems.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is in control – so don’t upset yourself. We are working closely with the Spiritual Hierarchy and we are Immortal. Bon Voyage

September 2010

We are the Cetaceans and appreciate your call. The outlook is dismal. Our birthing grounds destroyed and our food supply contaminated. We have agreed to finally leave and return to our home planet. We have no choice – humanity will survive, as a critical mass has now chosen peace, and the others will remain in the destruction they created. So nothing is lost – except the horrendous devastation of the planet – it’s the last attempt to burn and destroy before being taken out.

Our song had been sung
When we were so young
To support the biosphere
That’s why we were here

When the ocean’s destroyed
We’re no longer employed
And without us here
You can’t support the biosphere

Now our birthing grounds gone
So it won’t be too long
When we’ll all disappear
And no longer be here


  1. Dianne, Jesus in "A Course In Miracles" teaches us that the physical body is meaningless; it is the spirit that is all-important.

    I sincerely request the Cetaceans to remain with us in spirit, and support humanity and Planet Earth in our quest to "come up
    higher", by God's grace.

    Thank you, dear ones, for all you have done and endured on our behalf! I, for one, send you abundant blessings!

  2. So Sorry to see you go. Wishing you could stay and would Welcome suggestions for reversing the bad situation (e.g. microbes?).
    Huggs and Blessings
    (was member of Sirian Council there)

  3. I am a walk in from Sirius,and I shed tears with word of your imminent passing. We will miss you here. You have given me so much over the last 31 years and without your consul I would not have understood the message you were sending. Sadness at your passing but joyous in your being welcomed home in your own world after so many eons of time. Go in peace, and silently into the night.. when they notice you are gone, then they will remember why you were here.

    Also of Sirius

  4. It is with heavy heart that I read this message. God speed them home with a royal homecoming. My intuition told me of this several days ago so am not surprised, but inspires me to keep on, keeping on, with greater intensity. There is much for all of us light workers to do to increase our light and vibration, with this hugh chunk of light leaving this planet soon. They will be missed so much.

  5. Thank you for this Dianne here is an extract from Blossom Goodchilds channell, also may I take this opportunity to say that shaman Keisha Crowther has asked us to wear a clear quartz crystal around our neck to assist Mother Earth ((Hugs)) Kerrie

    First we would say to you regarding the feathered friends and all other life form that regard your oceans as part of their home … for those who have seemingly been smothered and all breath been taken from them … it is for you to know that their energy is now transformed into Light and they are free.
    There is a change to come within these circumstances that will be of shock value, for no-one could have for seen the outcome. And yet we say to you , that your prayers , your offerings of LOVE to this matter are far more valuable than any discussions that are taking place. Discussions can be discussed and often taken no further. They are not always utilised, for no agreement can be mastered. BUT PRAYER, BLESSINGS, LOVE … in the knowledge of the TRUTH of what YOU ARE and what LOVE IS can go straight to the heart of the matter. INSTANTLY. Remember too, that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE. There are no mistakes. No accidents. Life is unfolding down its pathway.
    ~The Federation of Light~

  6. Dear Cetaceans,

    I just read “The Call Goes Out: Messages from the Earth's Cetaceans” two days ago and today I read this message from September 2010.

    I’m going to talk to you like I talk to my two pet cats who although old, I’ve asked if they can stay here on earth till ascension. Also my cats become full of confidence when I tell them how good looking they are.

    Cetaceans, you've stuck it out through so much, can you just stay with us just a little while more till ascension? Biogems is trying to buy up Laguna San Ignacio/Baja California so at least that place could be kept safe for whales to breed.

    This is their website (for the human readers):

    I know it's really hard, but Mother Earth still needs you. You're like our Mom's (Mother Earth's) only real friend. Everyone else is either all talk or cowardly (I include myself in this- look at the figures or results or conditions on earth before people get offended at my saying this).

    If the Galactic Federation isn't helping out because of some not-interference thing, will they come down if we earth humans (who are into service to others) volunteer and help them out? The mental image I'm getting is of a four year old girl who is helping her mom bake a cake in the kitchen (as opposed to expecting the mom to bake a cake all on her own and setting it on the table to be eaten.) Like the four year old we "wanna help!" If just their presence can keep the dark forces at bay and give us the courage to go in and fix things with training, earth human volunteers (who are into service to others) will help. We'll roll up our sleeves and help. So ask the Galactic Federation if they'll come down if we'll volunteer with them to help clean the oil spill.

    It shouldn’t be that hard to come up with oil eating enzymes. Maybe we can ask Mother Earth if she can quickly evolve some kind of oil eating ameba or sea weed that has oil eating enzymes. Maybe Mother Earth can start outfitting her organisms with something that will break down the chemicals in pollution to something that is not harmful (feel free to telepathy take any such geeky ideas from my head). If we still want to be loving light beamers (instead of standing up to the dark forces who trample all over our Mom, Mother Earth), maybe we could try to counteract the dark forces by at least being cleverer than them.

    Besides, Cetaceans you're so good looking, you have to stay here a little while longer so we can admire your good looks. I know you're brave, and you've survived here against the odds for so many centuries. And we are so proud of you. No other species could be so brave.

    just an earth human (in this incarnation at least)


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