Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sananda - Journey of your Soul

Sananda is here this morning to take you on a journey of your soul. You will be traveling along with me as we embark on this excursion. You won’t need to take anything along, except your thoughts and feelings, for all else will be left behind. We will be taking a long broad road that will lead out to the nethermost reaches of time and space. This road is filled with both obstacles and enlightenment for your growth and evolvement. As we travel along this road, we find many crevices along the path, and many smooth areas. With our wisdom we avoid the pitfalls. We travel through them as if they are glass. We travel around them as we circumnavigate our way around through life, using all we’ve learned to guide us.

There are many obstacles set in our way, as this is the course. However, in the game we call life, the object is to use your intuition to avoid them. The object is to excel in this game and to return home unscathed. This game will test your ingenuity and your strength. You can only gain from it. You can only win. For all of life’s seemingly obstacles are merely illusions set in your path to test your strength and force you to grow and evolve on this plane.

You don’t walk this path alone. Your guides walk with you and whisper to you from above – always giving you directions and encouragement – lest you lose your way. So walk with us in laughter and love, for all is merriment and all is life. The road never ends, it only winds and turns and goes on forever. So wherever you find yourself on the road, just smile, and know that we are beside you on your return home to God. You will all find your way, for there is only one way – although the turns are many.

Know that Sananda travels with you always as a seasoned traveler who never wearies of the dust, nor complains of the hardships. By focusing on the Light all falls way, and your path becomes clear of debris. Thank you for making this trip with Sananda. May 2010

Copyright Dianne Robbins


  1. Beautifully put. Evolution is the key to us being here and being involved in the creation of all that is.

  2. In this road of infinite possibilities,what it makes the difference of being who we are, the Sparks of the Living God, is awareness.Awareness that brings the remembrance of our soul. Gratitude will flow through our hearts accompanied with pure love for our Holy Ones and of course for our living God.Because we love through God's Love.
    I pray that we can awake, remember and be who we are, in God's Mercy, Grace and Tenderness.
    I love you my friend

  3. Auntie White Dove, In this road of infinite light in the Universal Cosmos, Humanity is changing a aha moment, I am praying for those Souls who are asking for Liberty, and been taken out by force, Freedom, is here, finally, the domino effect worldwide, has started, Let us all be thankful, and as this knew Golden Age is upon us, Let us pray for Peace Joy and Gratitude for what we have and have Compassion for those Souls willing to leave for the sake of LIBERTY. I am praying as the masses leave and for their families, the balance is happening. As one Wall falls many shall fall.
    All Humans have the right to Equality Liberty and Freedom, with Grace.
    Merci Dianne for your channelings
    Auntie White Dove


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