Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mass death among baby Right Whales

Since 2005, 308 baby Right Whales, less than 3 months old, were found dead in the waters around Peninsula Valdes along Argentina’s Patagonian Coast. Here is the Whales reply:

Dearest Sister, Kin from the Sea,

We are the Cetaceans – the One Group Mind talking to you across the waves. Thank you for connecting to us – we have been expecting you.

The baby Right Whales chose not to complete their full incarnational cycle on Earth, due to the many dangers involved. It was the group consensus to leave their embodiment after only a few months, in order to call attention to their dire plight in the Oceans, and to call attention to the dangers that all Sea Life now faces. Life in the Oceans has become exceedingly dangerous and the Right Whales have only a few hundred of their kind left. They see no hope to re-populate because of the overwhelming odds against their growing to maturity. So they left – to call attention to them and to all Cetaceans in hopes that humans would recognize they are polluting the Oceans and killing the life forms that inhabit there.

It was a courageous act for ones so young – but even the young Cetaceans are more aware at an early age than elderly adult humans ever become.

The Spiritual Hierarchy concurred in this decision, and the baby Right Whales just made an easy transit out of their physical bodies returning to their home planet.

Seeing what was ahead of them, and not wishing to experience the pain and trauma, it made more sense to use this method in hopes of calling attention to the dangers they would otherwise be forced to face.

Do you understand? Yes, it was the pollution, radiation from wastes buried in the Oceans, toxins from so many sources, noise, fishing vessels, and on and on. It just felt senseless to them to continue struggling to survive and die alone, one by one, unnoticed, when dying en masse would serve to bring attention to them in hope of bringing the understanding to humans that they must leave the Oceans alone; that the Oceans are not dumping grounds for wastes, nor are they killing grounds to kill and torment their species.

We thank you for this opportunity to speak through you.

April 4, 2010
Copyright Dianne Robbins


  1. Bless them all for their strength. I see this happening in all areas of life. The squirrels use to be plentiful around here same as the birds. I love watching my cats; especially my Siamese, Otis. There are times when he gets so "beside himself"; not to mention "myself" as well, I wonder what's happening out there. If I wait a day or two then I read of some disaster that has happened around the globe. I personally think its too late and things are really going to get shaken up. It's going to be a totally different world out there very soon, but that should never stop US from getting the message out that "WE'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MESS AND WE NEED TO CLEAN IT UP". Hugs e/

  2. As a caretaker, I understand why the Right Whale young chose as they did. Many of mankind are still incredibly oblivious to their actions and thoughts causing harm to life forms/other residents of our shared planet and beyond.

    We can all do what we can to help, no matter who we are, what we have in the bank or don't, what we know or are willing to learn, and having the strong desire to bring health and well being back to our planet.

  3. this is so sad,god bless them,may we live in a world of unconditional love for all life,brenda

  4. We will have to wait until the Sun shifts polarity and makes satellite communication impossible... then the humans will no longer be hypnotized by the Electromagnetic Interference they are currently experiencing. They will wake as if from a dream, only to find themselves living in a nightmare. God Help us!!!

  5. My belief is that all sentient beings know their mission (life purpose)and its challenges before incarnating. No life on this planet has an easy path to follow. Many humans are born into poverty, or in war torn countries, and may be physically, mentally, and/or spiritually handicapped. Until people learn to love themselves unconditionally, we will have a hard time not being at war with our neighbors, human or otherwise. We only need to look at the plant and animal kingdoms to see how unconditional love works. If I were a cetacean, I would not incarnate if I thought the mission unworthy or impossible. Unfortunately, this plays well for the dark agenda. If, however, incarnating was decided upon, I would get groups of us to tackle specific targets: sonar/water pollution, lessening, negating, or destroying them with human help; our whale meat/blubber and make them toxic at death to all end users; improved interspecies communication, especially with humans, through use of the internet and websites like this one.

  6. This is so heart-retching. These magestic creatures have been on the earth longer than humans. They are the wisdom of Mother Earth. When will humans wake up respect and love our amazing animal kingdom. Love and Light to all life forces. Marie

  7. As we know only the humans are responsible
    for that! I do not think they understand that
    the whales are here for us. Love to the whales
    and the dolphins.


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