Friday, May 8, 2009

Message from Adama: You are all great Warriors carrying the Light

You are all great Warriors carrying the Light. You are all remnants of past great civilizations who have come to Earth at this time to change the course of history. You are here to break the codes of death and aging. You are here to set belief systems on a new spiral – a spiral upward toward immortality, instead of spiraling downward toward death. This is a great breakthrough for humanity, for without this change humanity on Earth would be doomed to continued third dimensional reality. So, the part you play is crucial. As you change your belief system you change the belief system of the critical mass – which in turn will change the codes of death to reflect the codes of Immortality as they were originally intended to work. Our DNA was and still is, originally intended to create Immortality – intended to allow us the choice of determining our own life spans – of determining how long to remain in our current incarnations. It was never intended that we live only a few decades and then die in total separation from the Creator.

For life is all One, and your lives were meant to reflect the wholeness and oneness of creation; and you lives were meant to be Immortal, so that your earthly life spans would spiral through the decades bringing you more and more wisdom as you spanned the course of time. For the longer your earthly life spans, the more wisdom you garner and the more evolved you become. Shorter life spans only limit your evolvement and can cause endless incarnations to achieve the same thing.

So we come to you bringing great hope, bringing you the knowingness that you are all programmed for Immortality. Bringing you the knowledge that you are Immortal Beings playing a great role on Planet Earth, and that Planet Earth is playing a great role in the Cosmos. I am Adama


  1. Thank you, you are right on.
    Love Shivanando

  2. It is nice to bring us great hope while saying that we are 'all great warriors carrying the light'.
    However, I ask myself where did humanity go wrong knowing that (as you say) 'humanity was not meant to live only a few decades etc..'
    Secondly there are currently over a billion people on earth living in poverty.
    Something is badly wrong with our hierarchic powers and creators.
    Can you shed a light on how to interprete this without thinking that our creators are criminal?

  3. I can feel internally the truth of this and I honor Adama's words...yet I also can't help but think of some of the great sages of our time who were in near-constant states of samadhi (bliss) and Oneness, but they died, some of them of diseases such as cancer...could it be that it just wasn't time for the earth to experience living examples of immortal presence, whereas now there has been a shift and it's time to create this?

  4. Dear Dianne!

    I would like to know:

    They have exit in Hungary?
    They speak in Hungary?
    Beszélnek magyarul?
    This is a very old language!
    If they live long life ...They need to speak every languages ...

    please ask to Adama ,because it's very important for many Hungarian people!

    I hope they exists!

    Thank you so match
    With love George

  5. Hi Dianne, Maybe you can help me with a fairly basic question. I'm in high school and am new to the whole concept of Lemuria but I'm trying to learn as much as I can. Without boring you with all the details of how I got to this question, can you fill me in on any connection between the Okwanuchu Indians near Mt Shasta and Lemuria? I posted a video on YouTube hoping to get some responses but few have come in so far.

    Yes, I did alter my voice and no my real name is not Lincoln. Sorry...



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