Friday, April 24, 2009

Message From Telos: We have 12 strands of DNA

We have 12 strands of DNA

Greetings from Telos!

Adama is here, telepathically speaking to you from the underground city of Telos.

We are all joined together on this day, delivering our message as ONE. ONE voice from the depths of Telos. Actually, we are not that deep underground. Inside the huge cavern in Mount Shasta we are on the same ground level as you on the surface are. It is only when we go beneath ground to the other levels of Telos that we are “underground” – and our lower lands are only about 1-2 miles deep.

Our life in Telos is very similar to the surface. We all have jobs, although our jobs are without wages. We all take turns doing whatever needs to be done, and we learn many trades in our long Life Times. Our skills are many, because we’ve lived long years to develop them. The longer you live, the more skills you develop. We are all eager learners, and learn as much as we can about everything. We have been given the great opportunity of this underground setting to live and learn in, and we take advantage of it all. We learn as much as we can before we go on to new areas to develop new skills.

Yes, we have all 12 strands of our DNA and we use all of them. That’s how we’ve kept intact all our technology and information from the past through all these eons of time. We never lost our wisdom or knowledge through all these thousands of years – in fact, we’ve gained more as time passed.

Having all 12 strands of DNA is definitely an advantage to evolving.


  1. When can we expect another message? This world needs more wisdom from the universe!

  2. Very interesting.Thanks Dianne & Adama.

  3. Can you please tell me which dimensional reality you Adama are actually functioning on?

  4. We started with 2 strands of DNA. How did we get 12 strands? Did we split the 2 by 6 times? Thank you, Violet


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