Thursday, October 21, 2021

New Messages from Mikos and Ashtar October 2021

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New message from Mikos,
channeled October 2021

Greetings from the Hollow Earth, located inside the very center of your planet, which is Hollow, with an Inner Central Sun and Oceans and Mountains still in their pristine state.
I come to you today with news of the GREAT AWAKENING that is rapidly spreading across the surface of Earth, as people by the millions are waking up to the realization of what the governments of Earth are trying to do by limiting people's freedom of choice.  This is a great travesty of Universal Law, and will not succeed.

We, in the Hollow Earth, have your surface monitored with our amino-acid based computers, and we see all that is occurring, including those who are responsible for the lockdown of people's rights of freedom of choice, and freedom to travel without being vaccinated.  This will not last much longer as the Light is gaining momentum and more and more help is arriving from other Star Systems to put an end to the plans of the sinister force and finally remove them all from the surface, allowing you to continue your evolution into the Light and achieve your ascension into the 5th dimension where we all await you.  Your arrival is long overdue!

I Am Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos located inside the very center of the Hollow Earth……

Ashtar greets you from the sky!

We are here in great numbers monitoring your Earth plane.  We track all movement into and out of Earth – through all dimensions of time and space.  We are vigilant in our jobs and record all vehicles entering and exiting Earth. 
This is a complex undertaking, but we are highly trained and skilled in the trade of monitoring planets and bringing them through their ascension.  Yours is not the only planet going through these changes in consciousness.  For the Universe is vast – with hundreds of millions of galaxies and planets teeming with life.  Yours is one minute speck going through mighty changes on its course to the stars.

We are all your brothers and sisters of Light, and we work closely with you at night on the Inner Planes.  We all work together as ONE – we from above and you from below – as we cruise through space among the stars.  Your Earth's light now brightens the night sky as life continues to evolve ever higher in consciousness.  For once consciousness reaches a certain frequency, all Earth explodes into Light – and will have broken through the frequency barrier – parted the veils – and ascended into the higher dimensions.

Q: What is the frequency barrier?  A: It is a wavelength that controls the light coming into the earth plane.  It keeps humanity functioning on a low level of frequency so that consciousness is unable to expand or evolve.  It prevents higher frequencies of light from penetrating Earth and acts as a barrier around Earth preventing an interchange with other planets.  In effect, it cuts Earth off from other planetary civilizations and isolates humanity.  This has been effective in leading you to think you're the only ones in the Universe. 

~ October 2021

Copyright © Dianne Robbins 

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I am Dianne Robbins, and I am a Voice for the Ascended Master Adama, High Priest of the Subterranean City of Telos, located inside the Mountain of Mt. Shasta in California, and for Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos inside the Hollow Earth.  I am also a Voice for the Tree, Cetacean, Crystal and Elemental Kingdoms.
My mission is to re-unite all of Earth's people through my books, and to bring about the merging of all civilizations from within the Center of the Earth, Subterranean Cities and Surface populations. 
These are messages I receive and have received over many years. The messages are both current and timeless.
I am a full-time student of the Ascended Master Teachings through the Radiant Rose Academy.

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Love and Blessings
~ Dianne
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