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Hollow Earth Trees - Monthly Channeling for May 2014

Monthly Channeling - May, 2014

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Hollow Earth Trees


Q: Are you managing Nature in the Hollow Earth, or
do you leave it untouched?
Answered by Mikos

We always leave Nature herself untouched, as she is the best doctor there is, to solve her own problems without our interference. She has been doing this since life on Earth began, and who are we to step in and interfere? She has all the innate knowledge within her DNA, and can administer all the remedies her trees and plants and flowers need, in perfect dosages.
Letting Nature cure herself is the best remedy of all. We find that all our trees and plants and flowers in the Inner Earth and in Telos are always in perfect health, perfect shape, and perfectly glorious. We never tamper with what Nature creates, and this is the secret. This is why you have so many problems growing your food, plants, and trees on the surface, because you are continually interfering with Nature's plan that has been perfected by the Creator in advance of your inhabiting the Earth's surface.
Look how your soil has become depleted of nutrients, your rainforests cut down, your air and waterways polluted, all contributing to the disease and decay of your flora and fauna, including human life. When will you learn to honor and respect Mother Nature as the great Goddess she truly is? She knows so much more than your tree doctors, plant doctors, and animal doctors. She knows exactly what each life form needs for a healthy and happy life, and she provides it all bountifully—and if you just leave her alone, she will rebuild herself faster than the wink of an eye. The health of all trees can be restored within your lifetime, which is very quick indeed, considering that it took millions of years to evolve into the glorious forests that only recently once were.
The trees themselves want desperately to stay alive and participate in Earth's ascension plan. But isn't it strange that surface folk never consider them as  part of Earth's life forms, nor ask their permission to cut them down? The trees never asked to be part of your wars, yet are maimed and killed where they stand as sentinels in war zones—body counts are not taken for trees, yet they are another war casualty in a different life form who never volunteered nor gave consent to be part of man's war crimes to plunder the Earth for her oil reserves and destroy whole countries in the process.
People never consider that the trees are here to evolve too, and to ascend along with humans. All life forms are on the ascension path, and anything detrimental that we do to retard or destroy their lives puts a block on their ascension path. Theirs is not any different from the path humans take to ascend. We just all do it in different body forms and in different ways.
Here in the Inner Earth we consult with all life forms on all matters that concern the well being of us all. All life forms are represented at our meetings. Our state of existence has been, is, and always will be peaceful.
So you don't need tree doctors, or doctors for anything. Nature has its own inbuilt pharmacy and knows when to dispense its remedies and exactly how much to keep all of us in divine physical perfection. But of course we have to do our part and not pollute Mother Nature with chemtrails, chemicals, biological warfare, or fertilizers, so that she can remain healthy and strong, as life is intended to be. It is just humans who are destroying the perfection of Mother Earth, a Divine Being in herself.
Divinity is always perfect, and divinity always stays perfect. This includes you, the humans who live on the surface. You are made in the Creator's image, and you were made perfect. You still are perfection, if you could only see your divine blueprint that you came into the Earth with and that you still carry in your DNA. It is only you yourself who have marred and changed and distorted and imbalanced yourselves so that your divine blueprint can no longer express the perfection you are, as it was intended to do.
Your doctors are the worst offenders and culprits, prescribing drugs and chemicals that further interfere with your divine blueprint for perfection and drug your senses and jam your frequencies so that you are barely conscious anymore, and mostly asleep, as you sleepwalk through your daily life. This is a great, booming business for your doctors, who are monetarily thriving on your sickness and promote it daily with their advertisements in your media. Big bonuses are given to your doctors for prescribing deadly medications. The pharmaceutical companies are thriving the most, while you suffer the most, just to line their pockets with money as they proclaim their "cures" for the diseases that they create.
Wake up humans; it is your duty to revolt. Your great country, the United States of America, was created from a revolution decrying injustice and tyranny. Well, the same situation has developed again, and it is again the time to revolt to throw off the shackles of tyranny, where corporations and governments of greed dominate and the human people and tree people suffer. Revolution is your birthright. You owe it to your country to revolt—to get rid of the tyrants in your government, corporations, and pharmaceuticals, and to live FREE of coercion and free of disease and pollution. Then all will thrive, in divine, physical perfection.
We step back now, and we thank you for your question.
I am Mikos.
(Excerpted from TELOS: Original Transmissions from the Subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta, by Dianne Robbins)

Copyright © Dianne Robbins 

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