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November 2011: The 7th Golden Age 11:11:11

November 13, 2011

I must say
Your numbers have sure
Paved the way

11:11:11 is the Gateway to Heaven
And so we now begin our climb
To a love so sublime

Where we will turn a whole new page
Moving us in, to the 7th Golden Age

The Elevens will carry us through the wind
Until the veils are very thin

Then we will ride along the tide
To find ourselves right inside

The 5th Dimension, where we will see
The opening to Eternity

We will see and we will feel
Every thing, that is real

Not just to our eyes, but what’s been hidden in disguise
And all that exists beyond our skies

All will be revealed
And we will surely feel
The Universe inside our heart
Where we will never, again depart

Returning to the heart
Will give us all a new start

Knowing for a certainty
That love is for Eternity

It is all there is, and ever was
It was only us, who chose to judge

And disconnect from our souls
Resulting in, our growing old

It was just a game, there is no blame
And now we’ve reconnected
To our Heart Flame

Never to leave, but only achieve
Our immortality

And as we believe and hold our faith
The Seventh Golden Age will only take

But a moment in time, and as we climb,
We will find, that all there is, is in our mind
We are the Divine

United and merged
The past all purged

We will find ourselves aligned
With all there is, and even more
As our hearts will surely soar
And our love will pour
To our own I AM PRESENCE
Our true soul essence

We are the replication
Of the infinite I AM PRESENCE of our Universe,
And yet we are very diverse

The 7th Golden Age, will be quite the rage
© Copyright Dianne Robbins
November, 2011

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