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August 2012: Time Stands Still For You by Adama

2012   Time Stands Still For You

I am Adama. Greetings to you in 2012. This will be a miracle year for you all, and I see you are already sensing this. So much is occurring that your eyes cannot yet see. But your senses are heightening, and you are already feeling the changes occurring within you and on your planet. There is so much you will soon be witnessing with your outer sight.

Know that time is collapsing. Your days are rushing by like wind and your moments are fleeting. But, you can stand still and not waver in the flight. Hold your ground and remain calm and unhurried, so that you can maintain your equilibrium in the face of enormous change. There is nothing ever to rush for, for time stands still all around you. Time stands still for you because there is no time. Feel its non-movement; this is your grounding point and center of balance. Bathe in it. Then you will be exactly where you are supposed to be in the very exact moment. This is higher plane movement -- and you are moving into the higher planes of consciousness that exist all around you and that are now coming through you.

So hold your ground and take your stance, and move with the wind and sway with the breeze, and let the life force carry you along. Thinking is becoming obsolete…it is only feeling now that can guide you unerringly along your soul’s path.

© Copyright Dianne Robbins
August, 2012

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