Tuesday, September 14, 2010


August 2010

Yes, we were listening to your call. The massive oil spill was purposely perpetuated to destroy the Cetacean Species who inhabit the Oceans.

We are carrying the Light, and the dark want to eliminate as much of the Light that they can in order to control the Earth. We are in their way. We are holding the balance, and without our Light the scales would tip, giving the darkness full advantage and control. There are many other factors also involved, such as creating fear and starving people of their livelihoods by destroying the ecosystems.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is in control – so don’t upset yourself. We are working closely with the Spiritual Hierarchy and we are Immortal. Bon Voyage

September 2010

We are the Cetaceans and appreciate your call. The outlook is dismal. Our birthing grounds destroyed and our food supply contaminated. We have agreed to finally leave and return to our home planet. We have no choice – humanity will survive, as a critical mass has now chosen peace, and the others will remain in the destruction they created. So nothing is lost – except the horrendous devastation of the planet – it’s the last attempt to burn and destroy before being taken out.

Our song had been sung
When we were so young
To support the biosphere
That’s why we were here

When the ocean’s destroyed
We’re no longer employed
And without us here
You can’t support the biosphere

Now our birthing grounds gone
So it won’t be too long
When we’ll all disappear
And no longer be here