Friday, July 24, 2009

We Create from Pure Light Substance

And now the Crystal People are here, wishing for a forum with you.

Greetings dear people on Earth. We are your relatives, the Crystal People, here to reunite with you again as family members all stationed on Earth; you above, we within. It is indeed a glorious time for humanity, as you are waking up to your divinity and soon will be exhibiting all the gifts and talents you were born with and that are necessary to restore the Earth to her rightful place in the Universe.

You are a key factor to restoration of Earth’s diverse biological systems, and it is through you that it will occur. For you are Creators in disguise, and your disguise has even fooled you. Now it is the time to remove your costume and see yourself with your full awareness, knowing that you are Creators and you were meant to create from Pure Light Substance all the beauty you can conceive of. This is your purpose for being.

We Crystals only create from pure Light substance, and direct this Light into the lives of others for their benefit and soul’s growth. You can hold us in your hands, and we will transmit our Light waves into your auric field to enlighten and expand your awareness of the world around you as you move through your day. This we offer you freely. You can wear us around your neck, put us in your pocket, or hold us at night while you sleep. We are your Light Partners and Family Members, and we are all working to uplift the Earth’s frequency so that she can make her ascension into the higher realms, taking us all with her.

At this time, it is connections with one another that are so important, for you Earth humans have been living in separation for far too long, and it has gotten you nowhere on your path…now you are on a moving path, like a moving sidewalk, and our oneness will move you along effortlessly. For the more of us that are united, the easier the trek. For our combined momentum will propel us all into the higher realms of Light. You understand this, don’t you? Our sheer mass will carry us all into the 5th dimension, whereas if you each try to do it alone, you will lack the mass needed for take off.

So bond with us now, and we will be your new guides, guiding you into a new state of enlightenment where you will all witness the grandeur of the Earth and the Heavens, in this, your Now Time.

Since the election in the USA on November 4, 2008, all on Earth will rapidly change…bringing a heightened awareness and empowerment to all humankind that will spread throughout the Earth herself, touching all life forms at last. A safe journey in consciousness is now ensured and all will rejoice!

Use our heartbeat to synchronize yours into full health. This is how a 5th dimensional Universe works, all are synchronized into One. No one is out of beat, for it would throw the whole symphony into discordance, which is what happened on Earth. But the beat is returning, so step into it and you will thrive. We wait for you on the steps of Nirvana, where we will all walk through the door to the heaven world…right here on Earth.

We enfold you in our Crystalline Rays of Love. Good day.


  1. I've been envisioning a cave full of large crystals where there is a pool of hot springs. The crystal's glow with an inner light so you can see in the cave. The water of the springs flows out of the pool and joins a river that flows under a rock wall and into a dark forest of giant pine trees.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Dianne ....I am the composer who sent you the Cd 'Lemurian Dream'...several years ago--
    Warmest Blessings
    Michael Fess

  3. Hi Michael, Where can I get a copy of that cd Lemurian Dream you sent Dianne, several years ago as you mention above?

    Thank you, Chris

  4. Thank you for sharing this Dianne. I have been compelled to collect crystals of all varieties for quite some years now without really knowing why except that they are beautiful and I am powerfully attracted to them.

    In Love, Light and Gratitude,

  5. Hello,
    I just wanted to share my thoughts on this blog, and just wondering what you think about my opinion. First off I love people, and believe in a spiritual relationship with God our heavenly father and our creator. I have a hard time understanding how by having a crystal rock that it is somehow going to shine light into people's souls. I understand they are pretty to look at, but i don't feel as though they have a spiritual power. God has all the spiritual power for my soul that would be worth more than a crystal rock. So why aren't we turning to our creator for strength of our souls rather than a rock?

  6. Is this the same Nirvana that the Buddha had taught or is this just another type of Nirvana?
    Are beings there Androgynous or can take any form like the Bodhisattvas of the Buddhist cosmology? Immortality is mention here but are beings here really liberated from birth & death?



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