Friday, July 3, 2009

To Monique...

On June 26th, "Monique" posted a comment on my blog. Here is her reply from Adama, which was channeled from Evelyn Leuchtfeuer (

1st July 2009

To Monique

Dear one, this is Adama. There is so much regret in what you write, beloved, as you now recognize the harvest of the seed you planted. There are many in the same positions as you, as they just did not now what they were really doing - or let's say, they did not put it in question, telling themselves it was or is just their job. This is very common among people who have not yet learned to follow their heart, or even to listen what the heart tells. into the common belief system of the society they -have been programmed at school - They have been consumed by the "don't have a choice program if I want to survive". Alone being unaware and doing the "wrong" things - which are not for the greatest good of all - does not make a man guilty in regard of the universal law. It's worse with doing things ALTHOUGH knowing they are not serving and not trying to implement change. However, the word "guilty" - by which you blame yourself - is a word I would not recommend anyway, as you charge yourself by using it, it lowers your vibration. The very important thing is that NOW you recognize and NOW you are trying to make a balance by building cloudbusters and this is appreciated. There is nothing that love can't heal, there's nothing which could not be forgiven by God. You do not serve well with "licking your wounds and feeling guilty" This world is in need of people who open their eyes, then understand, regret, go back into love and then enjoy so to make a real difference come manifest.

I appreciate you being that empathic with chemtrail sprayers who just dont "know" either. However there are - I'm sorry - not many chemtrail sprayers trying to make a difference by building cloudbusters. Many of them are furthermore convinced of doing the right thing. They have been brainwashed by dark side materialists and been told lies. And some even do this with joy and intentionally (especially the ones placing the orders to do so) while others are blackmailed and controlled by fear, seeing no way to escape. . This is given evidence by material posted in the internet. But, dear, in these days nearly every educated person knows about the possibility of researching THE TRUTH in the internet and they could surely make a check there if they were honestly out on the search for truth. It's the same with the farmers who are poisoning the soil of mother earth by artificial fertilizers and else. YOU HAVE FOUND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES, you were striving to find out! The farmers could find out as well, The chemtrail sprayers do have the same chance to find out. And if anyone of them would recognize, regret and go back into serving with love with the whish to do something good, he will be welcomed home with joy. So everybody has the choice - like always. BUT War is just possible if there are people willing to be soldiers. Chemtrails are just possible as there are people willing to contribute.

See, dear, a much more common conflict is that people know that driving cars is polluting mother earth - and they are using them daily. When turning around the key to start the engine of the car they are aware that they are adding to the sickness of the planet, but they are that dependant on the car to "make their living" - they just can't leave the loop. Then they are trying to make a balance elsewhere - e.g. by adressing the problem openly, by supporting the development of free energy technique - and this is for sure creating "mitigating circumstances". I'm certainly not the one pleading for opening of "backdoors", but not every human being is strong enough to use the front door and everybody is tryomg tp do as well as possible. The hardships you are suffering from your dark governments are big, and this is seen. But YOU ARE THE PEOPLE and you have much higher numbers as the governments and you must succeed to gain back your strength.

Regarding the vaccines you still give to elderly people I would suggest that you try to manifest for yourself another job, where you can be authentic and do not have to do things which are against your inner truth. You recognize - you try to change, this is the constructive way. Besides, until you have succeeded to manifest something more comfortable for you, you can intentionally "order the vaccines to be neutralized before they are "given to the people" - ask your guides for support. They will then energetically "transform" the vaccines so that they will be prevented from causing damage. You may also put the violet flame into action in this issue. Feeling guilty does not serve yourself very much when you seek to manifest a better solution for you and for the people. . But recognizing is the first step, the next one is the whish to make a change with all your heart, with your "sleeves up at work". Feeling guilty results in having difficulties to embrace your being and to love yourself as the part of God who you truely are. God is making this experience through you and now you can come into your god given strength and power to be the one authentic and loving person you are - whithout guilt, without shame. Your intention for change is the trigger - combined with love. Before you can go into manifestation of a better solution you must let go the feeling guilty. You are valuable and you are loved, so try to develop joy and imagine the joy of having a sustainable job for the greatest good of all. Do - for heavens sake - not keep glued to the feelings of guilt and shame. This distracts the energy you need in order to manifest a better solution. Be in love, be in joy, be in trust. There is always a nice surprise ahead.. And finally - it's always love that endures, it's always love what counts, and instead of blaming you for doing things wrong it will be celebrated that you learned your lesson - as this is what really counts.

I tap into how you feel now and I will help you by supporting you energetically. And I would appreciate your turning to me directly, via a telepathic connection from heart to heart. You are blessed for being here on this planet a this time, and you are even more blessed for your whish to make a change and a difference in order to bring healing to the world and to humanity. Hug you very dearly, I Am Adama of Telos, in loving support for you.


  1. First of all, thanks.
    Now. I was born in 1989, and then again in june 2008 by realizing way out of dark years.
    I'm a year into "this" now and still i'm slave of my mind. I'm sick of that, but whenever i "strongly decide" to finally become master of mind, i becomes slave again - step by step. Almost everything is because what others will think of me. Whenever i want to become free to SAY and DO things i TRULY WANT TO DO - fear from what others will think put me down. I can't overcome that, i can't imagine REAL ME in my current location doing what i REALLY want to do. I don't want money, expensive cars and similar thigs. I'm not strong enough to do what i want here and peaceful place would help a lot a lot a lot...
    I can't call Adama either, most of the time i plan to do it when i get calm mind gets me onto other things.

  2. I would suggest you start saying "I can" rather than "I can't", which makes you act against your true will. Don't wait for the perfect situation, create it by willing it. To illustrate what I say, here are two Wayne Dyer quotes: "You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside" and "Surround yourself with the conditions you want to produce."

  3. Can someone explain the issues about vaccines? I imagine more have been saved from diseases due to vaccines than are harmed by them.

  4. There's much to say about this topic, but here is a quote from one of Dianne Robbins books:
    "There’s a whole new Earth being birthed, and all souls are now being born with telepathy and clairvoyance and great wisdom. This is why your government has its inoculation system in place in your hospitals. These inoculations jam the high frequencies of the newborn and prevent their accessing the divine gifts that they are innately endowed with. This is the purpose of these “mandatory” inoculations - they are to keep the Light of your newborn off the planet.
    So remember dear ones, not to give into the fear of your hospitals or your media, and stand in your own Light of Wisdom, of knowing that nothing can harm your newborn, as they are divinely endowed and protected from the illnesses of this planet. They come fully equipped to withstand all adverse conditions and nothing administered to them by your hospitals or doctors can protect them - it will only deflect their health from them. So protect your newborns by knowing that they are already protected from within their own DNA, and no outside antidote or inoculation can benefit them in any way.
    They, too, are the Angels incarnating on Earth and being born to you at this time to bring more and more Light to Earth."

    This text is on page 38 of the book "Messages from Hollow Earth" by Dianne Robbins.

    You can find lots on the Internet regarding vaccination's dangers, there's plenty of information. You can start with Dr. Mercola's website: The best way to protect ourselves from illness is to take care of our body and our mind.


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