Sunday, June 7, 2009


Dreams and Thoughts Create your Future

Greetings! I am Adama from Telos, your lost city beneath the Earth, which many on the surface still have no inkling of.

We wish to spread the magnificence of our existence to all on the surface, so that all humanity will re-think their ideas and beliefs about existence on this planet. We feel that it's time for all to hear about us, and for all to connect with us in their thoughts.

For our purpose of re-emerging at this time is to awaken all to the Glory of God, and to the glorified plan that our Creator has in store for us.

We are all brothers and sisters, wherever we live - whether in the oceans, on the land, or in the inner earth and Subterranean Cities. We all come from the same source, breathe the same air and dream the same dreams.

You can literally change your reality by the dreams you envision and the thoughts you think. For it is the dreams and thoughts that create your future. So dream on, our brothers and sisters, and in your dreams see only an Earth glorified in love and light, peopled by Light Beings of great beauty and purity of heart. It all starts with your thoughts and ends with your manifestations.

Yes, you do manifest the conditions of your lives. You manifest your reality daily, by the thoughts you go to sleep with the night before. So as you lie in bed dreaming of days to come, surround each thought with light so that only the magnificence of each idea blooms into the purity of light. Enrich your dreams, and make them as grand as you can, for in the Infinite Universe all is possible - and the more grand the idea, the more possible it can be. For God only wishes the grandest and most majestic of worlds. Anything less is not of God, but of man.

So dream your dream, and see yourself as the majestic Beings you are, fully in control of your thoughts and fully aware of the purity of your intentions before you send them out to our Universe. That way, all will be returned to you in the glory and bliss of your dreams being manifested into your reality.

This is how we, in the Subterranean Cities, created our home of Bliss. We are very aware and tuned into our thoughts, and hold them in check to be released only when they are pure light and love. This way, only love and light returns to us, in the form we created.

This is a Universal Law - one so basic that we wonder how it has eluded you for so long. It is now time to return to God, and to re-acquaint yourselves with the Eternal Laws of the Universe. For you know these laws. These laws are a part of all life. And as you move up the scale of consciousness you will become more and more aware of the existence of Universal Law and you
will wonder how it was that you could have ever forgotten.

This is Adama, your brother, bringing you back to the LAW of ONE. Adonai, my brothers and sisters of Light.


  1. Dianne, this is a beautiful message, thank you.
    We all know about that but we don`t often practice it. Very important in this times of great change.
    Love to you, Samara

  2. As far as I understand, there are 2 laws mentioned here:
    1. What you put out is what you get back.
    2. One is All, All is One.

    There are two more:
    3. You exist (you can change form but never cease to exist)
    4. The only constant is change (exept first 3 laws)

  3. Thank you for this wonderful message, Adama. If only everyone could get stop letting their egos control them, this message could get through to mankind. I will work on my dreams and visions - they are a prayer in and of themsselves.
    Mary Pat

  4. Thank you for the wonderful messages! I hope they keep coming regularly.

  5. Precious Dianne~ We hear over and over, "As Above, So Below" with your Generous Heart gifting us Adama's world, we discover, "As Below, So Above"!!!! Love, Eternally Sustained, Beloved Sister of the Light.

  6. Thank You!

    I'll keep working on it... I'm so resonant with this truth, yet reprogramming my thoughts, and the resultant thought of those around me... I'll make it so!

    Be well, Deane

  7. We are so Blessed to be connecting with the beautiful Beings in Telos. We welcome your Guidance and we are Grateful for your Presence now in this open forum.

  8. Thankyou Adama for a wonderful message. Namaste

  9. Thank you! These messages are good reminders and uplifting. <3

  10. Thanks Adama and Dianne for this great message.

  11. Dianne, Thank you so much for this wonderful and timely message from Adama! We get so much involved in the illusion of this 3D world, that we forget our birth mission and vision... and these reminders act as the timely wakeup calls... Thank you Dianne, Thank you Adama!
    Rakesh Maniktala

  12. Hello Diane,
    This is perfect! It goes along with much of what is coming through on so many levels. How can we raise our vibrations to the point of ascension, if we can't even control our own thoughts? I realize that on the "God" frequencey, if you have a random thought, it could be dangerous... Until we remember how to control our thoughts, our frequencies cannot go up... I also realize that we are often bombarded with thoughts from the collective conscious and also, the higher your vibrations, the more you are required to protect yourselves from those whose job it is to throw you curve balls... Imagine that? We get to throw out the thoughts that aren't ours, like plucking weeds, and only hold onto the ones that resonate with that which we wish to create.
    I love this delicious journey! So much to be grateful for! I will share yours and Adama's message with my circle... Blessings siStar! May all the Love and Peace you can hold flow to you....
    Love you bunches!
    Elizabeth Richards

  13. thankyou,adama & dianne, positivity breeds dreams that come true when we revise them in our mind and never give up even in the face of adversity. thanks for keeping hope alive.... mona.

  14. Thank you from my heart to Adama and Dianne,
    I just found your wonderful web site, the light
    is coming back to me after going thru difficult
    times. I can't wait for the day to meet our brothers and sisters from Telos.
    John Montoya. Providence Rhode Island

  15. I AM so Grateful for this message. It inspires me to share...
    Dreams are the Essence Of God's Eternal Light. Dreams are God's Blueprint Which Helps Us Do What's Right. Dreams are the Matrix We Build To Stars So Bright. Dreams are God Freedom To Reach Celestial Height! Thanks to Dianne and Adama...God Bless You!

  16. Kathleen Higgins (Clearfield, Utah)June 9, 2009 at 6:12 PM

    Thank you Dianne and Adama for this wonderful message. It inspires me to share:
    Dreams Are The Essense Of God's Eternal Light.
    Dreams Are God's Blueprint Which Helps Us Do
    What's Right.
    Dreams Are The Matrix We Build To Stars So
    Dreams Are God Freedom To Reach Celestial
    Thanks for the Inspiration...God Bless You!


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