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Message from the Whales - Monthly Channeling

January 2014 Monthly Channeling
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Dear Friends,

I've been thinking a lot about the Whales and Dolphins and wondering how they are managing to stay alive in our Oceans that are filled with toxic wastes, radiation and oil spills.  I've been especially concerned about the condition of their birthing grounds, many of which no longer exist. Here is their reply:


Desist from Accumulating Toxic Wastes

We are the Cetaceans. Your Earth is biodegradable. Everything buried in your Earth, including waste material in the depths of the oceans, is biodegradable. However, this doesn't mean that all waste dissolves. It means that with enough time lapsing, eons and eons, your manmade toxic waste materials will biodegrade. Not so much from this natural process but from the poles shifting which instantly dematerializes everything because the magnetic force field is no longer in effect to hold any man-made things together.

So, our warning to you is to desist now from further accumulations of toxic wastes so that the Earth can ascend without going through an Axis Shift in order to rid herself of these wastes.

We, in your oceans, watch and wait, and know all that occurs on this planet, for we are the Guardians of Earth, and know and understand all that's taking place on your land.

You, as LightWorkers, can change the mass consciousness of all humanity by grouping together and sending out light and love to all on Earth. The increase of Light will awaken all to the damages that have already taken place and people will start clamoring for reversal of the old ways of living.

This is why, you as LightWorkers, incarnated at this time. You came here to reverse the deadly ways that humans dispose of their toxic debris by bringing Light to their minds and Love to their hearts.


Oil Spills

Yes, we were listening to your call. There have been massive oil spills – some of which were purposely perpetuated to destroy the Cetacean Species who inhabit the Oceans.

We are carrying the Light, and the dark want to eliminate as much of the Light that they can in order to control the Earth. We are in their way. We are holding the balance, and without our Light the scales would tip, giving the darkness full advantage and control. There are many other factors also involved, such as creating fear and starving people of their livelihoods by destroying the ecosystems.


Birthing Grounds

We are the Cetaceans and appreciate your call. The outlook is dismal. Many of our Birthing Grounds have been destroyed and our food supply contaminated. We have agreed to finally leave and return to our home planet. We have no choice – humanity will survive, as a critical mass has now chosen peace, and the others will remain in the destruction they created. So nothing is lost – except the horrendous devastation of the planet – it's the last attempt to burn and destroy before being taken out.

Our song had been sung
When we were so young
To support the biosphere
That's why we were here

When the ocean's destroyed
We're no longer employed
And without us here
You can't support the biosphere

Now our birthing grounds gone
So it won't be too long
When we'll all disappear
And no longer be here

We, in the oceans, do our part by our continual flow of sending Love and Light to all on land.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is in control. We are working closely with the Spiritual Hierarchy and we are IMMORTAL.

We thank you for your questions and for working with us at this crucial time in Earth's history.

Our love goes out to you all. The Cetaceans

Received through Dianne Robbins, January 1, 2014

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