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This blog is a message from my book, TELOS on page 192. Coleen and Sheldan Nidle from PAO, (Planetary Activation Organization) sent this out to everyone on their PAO email list, telling them that this is an astounding message describing the Hollow Earth and our future on Earth. So in re-reading this myself, I decided to send it out to all of you, as a reminder of what is coming.

Sheldan Nidle brings through the Sirians from the Galactic Federation of Planets, and is a renowned speaker publishing many books and DVD’s.

I highly recommend Sheldan’s new DVD, INNER EARTH YOUR FUTURE HOME. This DVD is life altering and prepares us for our coming shift in consciousness. You can order this dvd from or by calling

Many Blessings to you all on your Life’s Journey. ~ Dianne Robbins

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Greetings from Galactic Heart...

Dianne Robbins, author of Messages from the Hollow Earth, is a long-time PAO member and friend. Yesterday, I was going through my bookshelves and I came across her book. I started re-reading it and WOW! The information is informative and inspiring.

Enjoy the message below from Mikos of Inner Earth through Dianne Robbins.

Selamat Ja!



Dictated to Dianne Robbins by "Mikos"

Imagine a perfect garden on a warm summer day, the sunshine only obscured now and then by cool clouds drifting overhead. However, this day does not end, but is continual, since the "sun" (the "central sun" within the heart of the earth) never moves. This body of light is just the right size and intensity to keep the inner surface at a warm (not cold nor hot) temperature perpetually. Since there is no "night" there, the inhabitants simply take occasional "naps" to replenish their energy.

This is the setting just outside the library of "Porthologos", which is a magnificent jeweled structure such as has no equal on the surface of the earth, like a structure out of a living dream.

Porthologos is not just a library, but also a holographic "observatory" of our multi-dimensional universe, where all spaces, times, and dimensions may be studied in depth. Truly, Porthologos is a "doorway" to the Omniverse...In Porthologos, you will meet people from other worlds in space, from various underground cities, and even from other dimensions as well.

Unlike your Internet, Porthologos has a Psi-net much like the virtual-reality chairs and helmets that you see in the movies. However it is not "virtual" reality, but "true" reality, as the Psi-net takes you through the virtual galactic info-net to explore other worlds and dimensions with your thoughts AND feelings. Or, you may experience the crystalline recordings of all the recorded history of our Omniverse, if you wish.

Before the deluge, a canopy or firmament surrounded the entire planet, blocking out the harmful radiations of the sun. This is why centurions such as Methuselah lived to be over 900 years old. But with the falling of this canopy, the protective shield was lost, and man's life span decreased dramatically.

The inner sun, with its electro-magnetically-focused "auroral" nature (its reflection is sometimes seen through the northern and southern openings as the "polar lights"), does not possess the harmful radiation that would otherwise deplete the life-force of its inhabitants, causing these inhabitants to live in the hundreds of years, or even longer than Methuselah's 900+ years. Some of these Inner dwellers, like Mikos himself, live to be many thousands of years old. With the canopy that once covered the earth, the outer surface was once as lush as the inner surface. However, with the fall of the protective canopy that kept the outer planet at an even climate, and blocked out the harmful radiations, the inner surface alone remains in an "Edenic" state.

Most of the cities in the inner surface are underground within the vast caverns of the inner crust, in order to protect and preserve the natural beauty and foliage of the inner surface. All the buildings on the surface of the inner hollow sphere are circular rather than possessing sharp corners.

The crust of the planet is 800 miles thick between the inner and outer surfaces". Since the center of gravity is not the center of the earth, but some 400 miles down from each surface of our 'hollow' sphere, those on the inner sphere might seem to live in an upside-down state from us (just like those living on opposite sides of the outer sphere).

The inner surface of the earth contains only one-half of the gravity as the outer surface. In other words, if one weighed 200 pounds on the outer surface, they would weigh only 100 pounds on the inner surface, possibly explaining why some of these people are nearly twice our size.

Just inside the polar openings there are vast "spaceports" which accommodate galactic visitors who come to visit their friends within the earth.

Thank you, Mikos

If one is interested in knowing the truth about this strange and wonderful world in which we live, a world that plays such a central role in the history and destiny of the human race in this grand universe, then read Messages from the Hollow Earth.


Inner Earth: Your Future Home

DVD by Sheldan Nidle

After re-reading Dianne's book, Messages from Hollow Earth, I decided to review Sheldan's dvd on Inner Earth

With all the multi-dimensional energies flooding the Earth, I'm yearning to know more about our galactic family and friends~~and that includes the Agarthans, people from Inner Earth.

These are exciting times as we watch our old reality disappear and our new reality begins to emerge. I'm looking forward to reuniting with our galactic family~~what a celebration that will be!

Viewing Sheldan's dvd, Inner Earth: Your Future Home is definitely life-altering and a great way to prepare for our coming shift in consciousness.



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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gathering on top of Mt. Shasta, July 2010

(Adama dictated the following message for the students of the Radiant Rose Academy who gathered on top of Mt. Shasta after a weekend of transmissions from Akasha and Asun, who are Ascended ArchAngels bringing the Divine Feminine Rose Pink Ray to Earth. They bring us the Ascended Master Teachings that were once taught in the Himalayan Mystery Schools, preparing us for our Resurrection. Here is Adama's message that I read to the gathering on top of Mt. Shasta. ~ Dianne)

I am Adama. Greetings from Telos, the city beneath your feet.

We are here, and we are honored to give you a message for Akasha and Asun’s students who are assembled on Ascension Rock, one of our favorite meeting places where many of our Council Meetings convene.

Beneath this space and beneath these boulders that you touch, lie one of our Temples where we sit and discuss the many topics of import related to Earth’s ascension and to our emergence to the surface. When you come here and sit quietly, we often pull you into our meetings, and you become one of our members representing the surface folk and your input is most valuable. It is at these times that we truly merge as One Voice representing the population of Earth – our voice from Below, and yours from Above. It is this merging of perceptions that help us form our plans for our forthcoming trek to the surface in the very, very near future.

This will be a monumental step on our part, and one that we have envisioned and planned for a very long time – and now the time is here. What joy is in our hearts to finally be able to put our plan into action, and make our way to the surface through our tunnel entrances that have always existed but had to be camouflaged to protect our domain from intruders. For after all, this is our home, and we don’t let just anyone in. Just as you would not open your door to strangers, we don’t open our tunnel entrances to anyone unless they have been invited. Our domain is our private dwelling place, just as your house is. And you keep your doors locked, don’t you? Well, so do we. Only you use a key to lock your door, and we use a force-field.

We know everyone who comes to the Mountain, and recognize your identity as soon as you start your climb. The Mountain herself, The Spirit of Shasta, picks up your vibration and knows who you are and exactly where you are, as you walk along her paths. Nothing is hidden from her. She hears your voices and records your thoughts and registers your movement. So talk to Her, She is always eager to converse with you.

The Earth changes are happening so fast now, shaking your people into wakefulness and compelling them to open their eyes to the devastation and extinction of sea life occurring in the Oceans and loss of species and habitats on land. This is the Great Awakening you have all heard of, and it is happening NOW, right now as you stand here on Ascension Rock, listening to this discourse coming from beneath the ground. For we stand here, as you stand above us, and we enfold you in our aura’s of Light and embrace you in our energy fields, and we are merged together now as One – One soul representing Earth’s diverse family.

What a blessing it is for us to have you all here, and to have Akasha and Asun’s presence here, along with their messengers Usa and Jayde. This is a grand assemblage indeed, and we in Telos are most honored to be joined with such Awakened Hearts…for in distance you are just a few feet above us, but in our heart space there is no distance between us. We are merged now as One Heart.

You are a bastion of Light standing above us, and your Light is magnified ten-fold as you are all gathered together in this sacred spot. You shine as a spotlight, as our light from below is focused into your light from above, and it is radiating out now and blessing all life on the planet. This is the force of the Light when we gather together as One. So gather together as much as you can, whether in your homes or outdoors, for this exponentially increases your light quotient in ways you cannot imagine, and spills out and blesses all those in your locality.

Soon our people will be emerging from our homes beneath the ground, and we will greet you in your homes and embrace you in our arms, and we will be together as one family, one beacon of light, broadcasting our unity out to the Universe at last.

We in Telos, are filled with gratitude for your presence here; the Trees bow to you in welcome, and the Mountain herself, the Spirit of Shasta, is deeply honored to have you all standing on her ground. What a day of celebration!

I Am Adama.

26 July 2010