Monday, January 18, 2010

Why did our lifespan shorten after the Firmament was destroyed?

Why did our lifespan shorten after the Firmament was destroyed?

Greetings, I am Mikos, settled snugly in my bed in Porthologos, awaiting your call to begin. So here I am, and there are you, and here we are again together as One. One soul, and one heart, intertwined in the melody of Love that we permeate the Universe with when we connect like this at your computer.

Q: Why did our lifespan shorten after the firmament was destroyed in the Atlantean and Lemurian war?

A: Yes, it is true that the ice canopy protected the Earth from the radiation of the sun before the war, and the destruction of this canopy accounted for the increased radiation from our Sun which in turn shortened not only our life span but the height of humans living on the surface. Humans used to be 15 – 20 feet tall before the canopy fell, and now your surface height averages around 5 – 6 feet, and in many spots on the Earth it is even less. This is due to the chemicals you breathe and eat, the polluted water supply, and all the other factors that are laced with chemicals for the very purpose of destroying the natural regulation of your bodies and the Earth herself – thus giving the advantage of control over to the dark forces who can then manipulate you by controlling the weather and your minds all in one.

So, if your bodily functions are compromised, it stands to reason that your life spans would be off kilter, and not accessing the immortality gene that is embedded in your DNA. Because your body is not functioning at its divine blueprint, everything is mis-firing, including the gene for immortality. This created the shorter life spans on the surface and the necessity for you to have to re-incarnate over and over again, never remembering your past, and never being able to catch up with yourselves. Hence the futility and hopelessness you feel above ground, while our lives soar beneath you.

Yes, the destruction of the firmament was a backward step taking you backwards in time, to where you don’t know who you are.

Your environment plays a key role in your development, and without a supportive environment, you cannot develop in the Creator’s image, but in a dysfunctional way, negating who you really are as a species.

It is as in any science experiment…if the environment is hostile, the life form grows deformed. If the environmental conditions are perfect, the life form blooms into its fullness of potential. The same is true of Earth. This is why it is crucial now to rebalance all the eco-systems on the planet, for life to flourish, not decay.

Although this, too, is difficult without the crystalline ice particles that were once encasing the planet and protecting it from the radiation of the Sun. The radiation from your sun is harmful…but as your solar system moves out of its present orbit and back into its orbit around Alcyone, in the Sirius Star System, your firmament will be restored, and you will all gain in height and return to your tall statures and perfect health again. For with the firmament restored, so will your health be restored, and so will the pristine beauty of the Earth. All will be as new.

All factors account for your shortened life span, just as you said…such as the weakened life force in your food, due to the chemicals injected into the Earth purposely to destroy the life force, so that your lives will be weakened and their length shortened. The dark side has used this to their advantage, to further weaken you so that they can more easily manipulate you. It is easier to manipulate a weakened person than it is a strong person.

So yes, there are all these factors that have come into play but the main one was the demise of the firmament. After that the invasion of the negative ET’s and their destructive agenda, leading you all to where you are today. It is called sliding backwards in time. But it is all over now, and from this point you all move forward.

The Earth will regain her strength, just as humans will, and you will both be able to self-regulate your bodies, just as Anastasia does. So look forward to the times ahead, for they will be glorious indeed. I am Mikos, a self-regulating giant living inside the Earth.

So there you are. Move closer to my heart and you will feel my beat. You can use my heartbeat to synchronize yours into full health. This is how a 5th dimensional Universe works, all are synchronized into One. No one is out of beat, for it would throw the whole symphony into discordance, which is what happened on Earth. But the beat is returning, so step into it and you will thrive. copyright 2009

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve Message from the Trees

We are the TREES
Greeting you on New Year’s Eve
Our foliage is thick
Our bark is strong
And we are here
To sing our Song

Of love to the Earth
Of love to you
Letting you know
We’ll see you through

Earth’s Ascension
There is no question
That you’re moving into
The 5th dimension

The Creator’s Note
Keeps you afloat
As you travel home
To your no-time zone

Moving with hyper-speed
Becoming all that you can be
Through the star-gate of Arcturus
Where all are curious
To know
How did you do it?
After losing your way?
And you can reply
We did it God’s Way

December 31, 2009

We are the Trees
Waving good-bye
We leave you with
Our lullaby

If you can hear it
On the wind
You are sure to feel it
If you go within

Dec. 30, 2009