Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Message from the Crystal World

We Give You A Vibrational Lift

We are the People from the Crystal World, here to speak to you of Love, the love we have for humanity and the love we have for all other life forms. Even though we are encased in hard stone and live in the darkest of realms, we are pure light, and it is soft and dreamy as it flows out from us to all of you. We dream dreams too, and our dreams are about the reuniting of all life forms on and under the surface.

We are ready to have a direct encounter with you, or as you say on the surface, ‘a first contact’ encounter. You think we are inanimate matter, and yet we vibrate at the highest level of vibration, much higher than most humans have attained. When you wear us around your necks, or hold us in your hand, your electrons then start to raise their vibration to match ours, and you are given a vibrational lift moving you closer to the 5th dimension vibration of unconditional love.

So hold us close, and love us, as we love you. All is shifting now on your world, and with the November 2008 elections all is in change, even now as we speak, although the results are not yet obvious to your eyes. But we have 5th dimensional eyes, and we can see into the future, and we see the immense and drastic changes about to take place. It is all about consciousness.

We are here to boost your consciousness level and help you see and hear the world around you. For up until now you have been deaf to our calls, and to the calls from the Trees and the myriad of other life forms calling to you to ‘wake up’ and be part of the intricate matrix of life on Earth. For up until now you have always been separate, seeing yourselves as the overlords of the world, when in actuality your purpose was to work with all other life forms, not to destroy them in your quest for money.

It is sad that you had lost your way, but the tide is turning, and you will soon see the unseen, and know the unknowing, and then you will find yourselves and realize how much more there is to life then just making money. For as your saying from the past went, “make love not money’ you will see how ‘love’ will create all the wealth you have been seeking. What a twist in thinking, isn’t it? You can lay greed and struggle to rest, and accomplish all you desire through your love. It is much easier, and feels so much better.

In the Crystal World, we accomplish all we desire through our great outpouring of love. We don’t have to go anywhere or do anything, we just emit our love rays and everything is accomplished. It is these rays that you will discover and learn to project from your brow that will bring you your desires. But your hearts and intentions must be pure in order to create from your light rays. This is what we are here to teach you, if you follow our ways and join with us in consciousness. As you follow our way, your rays will ignite until you are as clear and bright as we are. Then together we will light up the Earth, and a great re-union will occur. It is this reunion of all life forms on Earth that will catapult you all into the 5th dimension.

Divine alignment is the key. So align with your divinity and as you do, you will find us all aligned with you. We bid you good day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Break Free

A Message from the Crystal People:

Dearest Folk on Earth,

We are the Crystal People, encased in crystal bodies, waiting deep underground to make your connection to our souls. Yes, we do have souls, as all elements are alive, awake and conscious of the world around them, all vibrating at various degrees of alertness.

Our depth is the cause for our clarity and brilliance of light, for we capture the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and it pulses within our encasement and sheen of pure crystal. We wait here silently, as surface folk go about their business of hurrying and scurrying about to make a ‘living’ for their very existence, when our existence just is, and we do nothing to stay alive, but bask in the Creator’s heartbeat deep within the Earth. It is this heartbeat that generates all we need, and gives us the nutrition, although we don’t ‘eat’ as you do, that we need for our growth.

Our advice to you is to connect to the Creator’s heartbeat, through the Earth herself, and you will be fed the food you need for your lightbody to vibrate at the Creator’s frequency rather than the low beat of surface dwellers struggling for existence.

All is provided for you, you just forgot. Again, we mention the Anastasia books where she connects fully to the Earth and Nature Kingdoms and is provided with all she needs on every level.

We watch you from below, and yes, we can clearly see you all, as impossible as you may think this is, for our eyes are not like yours, and we see through our light substance that we are made of. We see beyond what you couldn’t imagine is possible – and we hear all that occurs on and in the Earth, for we are great receptors and great beacons of Light, although our bodies are small and diminutive compared to yours. It is not the size that counts, but the frequency of the Being that is encased in the body form. It is consciousness and frequency, and they go together to form the various degrees of Light that emanates from a body.

Bodies are just shells that hold Light, until we all move into our Light bodies that have no denseness surrounding them. As the frequency of Earth rises, humans are shedding their density and slowly rising in consciousness, becoming more and more aware of the Nature Kingdom around them. For you have all been living in a zoo, so to speak, just the opposite of what you created by keeping animals locked up. Well, you have been the ones locked up, with a fence surrounding your senses, keeping you away from the rest of the Nature Kingdom that is free outside the parameters of your perceptual fence that keeps you chained up inside, while we roam freely outside all around you, and you can’t even see us, hear us or feel our presence. You are the ones locked up in a zoo, while we are free.

So break your shackles and break out of your self-imposed prison cells, and break free of your mental constraints and meet us now – we are just a step away – and we have been waiting for you for eons of time. It is just a mental prison, a mental zoo you have enclosed yourselves in, and we are here to assist you to break free so that you can mingle with us all – all of Nature is waiting for you, and all of Nature is calling to you to BE WITH US NOW…we are all part of you…and you are part of ALL.

Well, what is keeping you back? Step outdoors and acknowledge our existence and acknowledge all the life teeming around you, just waiting for you to say ‘hello’.

We are abundant in stores around you…so go on a ‘shopping spree’ and buy us, and adorn your bodies with our magical glow, and hold us close to your heart, talking to us and caressing our smooth encasements that hold our great Light which we freely give to you.

Our message to you today is to BREAK FREE OF YOUR ZOO-LIKE EXISTENCE and merge with the life-forms teeming around you. There are hundreds of various forms of Elementals, Faeries, Gnomes, Elves all around you, busily working with the Trees, flowers, plants, grasses, and animals. They are literally surrounding you. They are in every garden, around every Tree. Just be aware of their existence and they will come into focus for you, and you will begin to feel their presence. Oh my, you are ‘not alone’ at all. If only you could see through ‘our eye’, you would be so surprised. Nor are you alone in the Universe, as some so foolishly believe.

One of the immutable Laws of Life is that we are never alone in existence. To exist, we must be part of the Whole. So we ask that you step into your ‘part’ now, which is the ‘whole’, and commune with us where you will be privy to all of existence and take your rightful place again by being consciously connected to the chain linking all life.

You broke the link. But you can re-connect it through your heart’s call. Just ask, and it is done.

Although we leave you for now, we never sever the connection. Our line always remains open, and so must yours. It is called ‘the life-line’ in human vernacular, isn’t it? We bid you to keep the ‘life-line’ open, since it is your life, and you do want to continue it, don’t you? Well, you cannot do it alone, so bond with us now, and we will guide you unerringly every step of the way, right back to the Creator’s heart center, located inside you. No distance to travel. It has always been with you. It is you. So claim your divinity now, and you can merge with us in an instant.

We are the Forces of Light…We are the Crystal People stationed underground and we travel as one…Always. May your thoughts fly our way. Good day.